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Hey. Anita asked me about make up removers in the mascara post comments section. I decided to do a post- since I have so many make up removers. Disinterested people- bear with me.
The most important part of make up is its removal. If make up is not removed completely, it can bring wrinkles, acne and damage the skin in many ways. After all, make up is made up of chemicals. As a teenager, I used to wash off my make up (usually, just an eyeliner) and get raccoon eyes. For me, it was part of the deal. Apply eyeliner and wake up in the morning with raccoon eyes. Thankfully, not anymore. Make up removers available in the market are limited. There are 2 removers- eye/lip remover and make up remover.
An eye and lip remover removes make up from the eyes and lips. It is a mix of water and oil. The oil floats on top of the water. You have to shake it, take some drops on a cotton pad and swipe. Repeat till the cotton pad does not have any traces of make up. It usually takes me 3-4 pads to clean off liner, mascara and eye shadow. This remover does not completely remove face make up.
A regular make up remover is used to remove foundation, blush etc from the face. It generally does not remove eye make up (I have not come across any that does).
I will review a products that I have used/use in both categories. Yes- you need to use both.
1) Maybelline eye and lip make up remover: Priced at Rs 190 for 70 ml. This remover effectively removes eye make up. The only grouse is that quantity is too less. I would like a bottle with atleast 200 ml but right now Maybelline has only the smaller bottle.

2) L’Oreal make up remover: You can clearly see the oil floating on top of water. You have to shake it well and then use the remover. Priced at Rs 425 for 125 ml. It is pricier and there is no difference between Maybelline and this remover. Its just a brand preference. It does not burn eyes and removes even mascara effectively. Also, it leaves oil on the face (obviously). So, a face wash is needed after this. Ditto for Maybelline.

3) Chambor make up remover: This remover belongs to the second category. It removes face make up. It is a face cleanser and exfoliates also. Apply water on face, take some remover and massage it into the face. Rinse off. I generally do not use a face wash after this. It does not dry my skin and leaves it feeling soft. On some days, the make up maybe hard to remove and I either use a face wash or repeat with more product.
Note- It does not remove eye make up. I mean, eye make up is more stubborn. It definitely cannot remove mascara. Also, if it enters eyes it can burn like hell. Priced at Rs 495 for 75 ml. It lasts me all month.

4) Vichy Purette Themale: To be honest, I have not used it very frequently. The problem with Vichy products is that instructions on the back are not written in English. For every product, I have to go online and read it. This has to be applied to a damp face, massage gently and then wipe away with a damp cotton. According to the instruction, there is no need to rinse off. It also claims to tone the skin. Its not bad but I wouldn’t spend buy a makeup remover from Vichy due to its price. Priced at Rs 890 for 200 ml. Btw, I got it free.

5) Inglot make up remover for waterproof make up: I have recently become a big fan of Inglot products. They are cheaper than Mac and have a good range. I decided to try their make up remover. I wanted something which could remove eye make up since I had run out of L’Oreal. The beauty adviser at the counter recommended this one. It has to be applied to the face, massaged and then wiped off. According to the product description, it has water and not oil. So, there is no residue and face does not need to be cleaned. My biggest grouse is that it burns my eyes. None of the reviews online mention it so I am not sure what is wrong. I may go to the store and check again. Until then, I am using it for the face. Price is Rs 690 for 100 ml.

Notes: Make up can also be removed with olive oil, baby oil and vaseline. I have not tried it but read online.
The thought of removing eye make up… then face make up… then cleansing the face… then applying moisturizer is tiring…. but I do it every night and it takes 5 mins.
Hope this helps…
PS: The reviews are mine alone… and I am not getting paid to endorse them… though, I wish I was.

2 thoughts on “Make up removers

  1. Brilliant post Bulbul. Now I understand so much about the different types of removers. BUt all this shit costs so much. Right now am using Himalaya cleansing lotion /Johnson baby’s cleansing lotion to remove my liner and kajal. it does a decent job. Since I do not apply any make up I haven’t used any heavy duty make up removers. One day I wish to meet you and you can teach me how to apply stuff. But before that I would love to go shopping with you so that you can tell me what stuff to buy and what would suit me. That should be a fun day. Then we can have lunch at Big Chill, catch up with a movie at PVR and then basically end the day loitering in bazaars and malls. What say?

  2. Hey, thanks. That is such a sweet comment. Make up does cost a lot of money if you buy everything at one go. Everyone starts with one product and keeps adding to the collection. Also, it lasts for 2-3 years which really helps. There are cheaper options available in the market which are just as good.
    I would love to spend a day with you in Delhi… and also catching up on old times. It would be so much fun.

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