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I don’t know if I’m having a mid life crisis… am turning 30 in June. Since the last week or so I have been back on the fitness/weight loss bandwagon with a vengeance. I have decided to eat healthy without being restrictive… meaning, I can eat white rice instead of switching to brown rice. I haven’t lost any significant weight but my tee which was tight and I had saved it to wear under some spaghetti dress fits me comfortably now. Or maybe it is a case of tee stretching itself to become loose.
A new instructor who has taken interest in torturing me has enhanced the gym experience. I love coming home aching, hungry and falling into deep sleep.
The other day this instructor asked me to do 100 squats. I thought he was kidding. I can comfortably do 2 sets of 20 each but 100??? Impossible. Well, I did it. I couldn’t walk for 4 days but it was worth it.

Now, coming to the really shallow part. I have been reading style blogs… not the fashion week kinds…  but the blogs from which styles can be imitated. Sharing a few styles I have tried out:


Look 1: I have similar cotton denim lounge pants which I bought from Promod during the sale. I pulled on a white tee and grey shrug over it… went with blue shoes instead of sandals. Will wear a more formal version to work tomorrow.

Look 2: I have similar slouching pants… the pink pastel one is from Zara which KC gifted and another light green pastel one is from Splash (love some of their styles). I wore it with a black and white top bought from Lifestyle. I wore it on our wedding anniversary last month. It looked awesome (even if I may say so)

 Polka dots on polka dots. A difficult trend to pull. I wore a light blue shirt with white polka dots paired with black pants with light brown polka dots. KC remarked that it looks like I am wearing a night dress. 

Look 4: Denim shirt with a skirt. I love this. I pair my tie up cotton denim shirt whenever in doubt. I wore an orange skirt bought from Sarojini with a skin tight white top from Zara and a tie up cotton denim shirt from Forever 21.

Look 5: I wore this for work last week. Straight formal pants from Wills Lifestyle with a formal light green shirt and waistcoat from Sarojini. I skipped the blazer, of course. The only mistake was pairing a loose shirt with straight fit pants. One of them should have been tight fit. I was trying to wear the shirt in a different way. I hate the shirt… its been with me for 1 or 2 years, don’t remember. Wearing it like this gives it a twist. 
Many more to go…
What I like about the 2nd blog is that the lady does not wear new clothes everytime. The same skirt or shirt or jacket is worn many times in different ways… over a period of years. I hate blogs where the female is rich enough to wear new clothes everytime. I have also realized that money cannot buy style. There are very few women who actually experiment… buy a different style of trousers or tops. 
The idea is not to look good everytime… it is about trying something new… experimenting… whether it looks good or not. It motivates me to wake up every morning and go to work. 
Mumbai is such an uninspiring city when it comes to style. Day after day I see women dressed shabbily. Few weeks back I saw a woman on the train wearing a mini skirt. “Finally”, I thought. A few hours later she was in my office to meet someone. I think only women from my workplace who travel on trains wear skirts. All the other women are dressed in salwar suits or trousers (rarely). This was the case even when I would commute from Andheri. Where is the cosmopolitan city? I was running some errands before going to the gym today and wore my gym shorts. I got the weirdest looks from men and women alike. And Mumbai is supposed to be safe? Really? Try wearing a mini (not even micro mini) skirt to the station/train and then we’ll talk about how Mumbai is safe and you can travel anywhere and wear anything. 
I still wear what I want… where I want… when I want… I will not let narrow minded people define what I want to do. 

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