Maid Woes

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Me: So, I went to the building office to get the maid’s address. We searched through 2 registers but the details were not there. Also, the ID proof that is submitted is sent to the police station and not maintained in the office. I spoke to the building watchman; we went through another register but there was no entry. Our cook has seen her crossing our building sometimes- around 8 am. I will wake up early tomorrow and wait for her downstairs.

KC: Wow… thats a lot of effort for a maid. If only you would have gone through the trouble to find a husband.
Me: C’mon… please don’t compare yourself to the maid. I can live without you… but not without a maid.
I am not exaggerating. A maid is important… very important. And I have had 3 maids with some temporary people in between. But, let me begin at the beginning.
I was lucky to have a found a maid within 2 days of moving in. She is a young lady (not kid) who was good with the cleaning. The only problem was she was mostly late. We leave home by 8.30 am and when she turned up at 8 am, she could not finish all the work. Thankfully, whatever she did.. she did well. But, she would take leave 4-5 days in a month. This caused a lot of inconvenience. If the house is not cleaned even one day, I will not have utensils to use the next day. There were many times when KC and I had to eat out ‘coz all the utensils were dirty. There was this one time when she didn’t turn up for 2-3 days. I had to appoint another guy who left my sink dirty and left without completing the work. It was a frustrating Sunday with me cleaning the sink early morning. And then I realized that she is pregnant and has to go for her delivery. She promised to send her mother-in-law or sister to replace her. I was not too happy but didn’t have an option. The mother-in-law didn’t turn up after 3-4 days. I appointed another Bengali maid at a higher salary. After 2 months I realized she was cleaning the bathroom only with water. I started following her around when she was working and correcting her. I hated it. She wouldn’t wash the utensils properly…. ignored the fridge… Awww….. I wanted my old maid back. She was lesser of the 2 evils.
Thankfully, God (if, he exists) answered my prayers. The maid demanded 2k for the regular work. I literally showed her my middle finger. She quit. The search for the old maid began. I asked the building guards to help me look for her. I also waited for her to cross my building so I could hire her back. But, no luck.
Anyway, I have appointed another maid and I am hoping to have better luck with her.

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