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I have had a relationship with Mac for almost 2 years now. I still remember my first purchase. Once or twice in a month I would visit Inorbit Mall, Malad for work. I had to visit Spencers which is located close to Mac and Shoppers Stop. The varied colored eye shadows looked so attractive. Once or twice I did enter but hearing the astronomical prices, left. Finally, I decided to buy something… anything. (Ever get that feeling??? I just have to buy something… anything). I had assumed that Mac is known for its eye shadows and picked a bright blue one. I did not want to spend 900 bucks on something safe and usual. If I had to spend, it had to be on something fun, funky and risky. I put it on a few times but due to the powdery texture it lasted a few hours only. I didn’t think much about it then since I was new to make up. Now, I don’t use the eye shadow and have not purchased another one from Mac. I think there are better and cheaper brands like L’Oreal, Max Factor, Inglot, Oriflame etc out there when it comes to eye shadows.
Over time (specially in the last one year), I have realized MAC does have the best products even if expensive. Their foundation is the best I have used. I do not like foundations which give a foundationy look… like when I can see that it has been applied. I like foundations that blend into the skin and seem like part of the skin. The MAC foundation does just that. Since my skin is not flawless I have a face primer which keeps oiliness at bay, hides pores, keeps foundation intact all day and gives a base for make up. I have the eye primer which helps eye shadows last longer and look better on my oily eye lids. It does not work on the blue eye shadow. I have a lip prep and prime which makes the lipstick last longer and brings out its color. I bought their compact powder but did not like the heavy coverage. Also, hated the fact that it broke with one fall. (booh… booh). I recently tried their kohl pencil and am a fan. It is one of the few pencils that does not smudge… at all. Others are Maybelline kajal and L’Oreal contour kohl. I am skeptical when its comes to pencils since all of them tend to smudge (e.g Chambor) and avoid buying them. I have numerous gel liners from MAC- black, brown, blue, purple and green. Unfortunately, they don’t come with a brush which costs another 1k. The gel eyeliners are ok… I prefer the ones from Inglot and L’Oreal which are cheaper also. Then there are 6 shades of lipstick… some great, some ok and others just bad. I have tried their blushes… matte, shimmer, creme… like most of them but blushes just do not last all day on my face and am looking for a better brand. I have just one lip gloss which is great but somehow do not like the other shades in their store. Also, there are a few limited edition products.
Recently, I realized the importance of a good make up brush. I have been trying my hand at blush but kept messing it up with the current assortment of brushes- one set gifted by sis from USA, another one from Vega, another one from Oriflame. I have kept away from spending money on brushes since they cost atleast 2k in MAC and 1500 bucks in Inglot. I decided to buy one and figure out what the big deal is about. I was zapped. They completely transformed by make up application. Things I was struggling with became fairly easy. (I will write one post on my make up brushes). I decided to buy a blush brush from Mac. I have visited all outlets in Delhi NCR except one (in Subhashnagar)- Saket, Vasant Kunj, Noida and Gurgaon. Gurgaon, being closest is my frequent haunt. Unfortunately, it has the worst SAs. Once I had spotted them applying make up on each other and clicking pics while customers tried to get their attention. Another time I went to buy a concealer and the SA wondered why I would need one when I already have a foundation. Its not a great outlet. Anyway, I was shown a brush kit which would cost me double the price of one brush and I would get 4 brushes (including the ones I came to buy). I decided to go for it. I came home and used them. They were great but when they were washed some black and blue color leaked out. I freaked out. After drying, I tried to use them and it left a black cast on my face. Eeks. For 2 weeks, I washed, dried and tried using them. Same result. The reviews online were not encouraging. Apparently, it is common problem with Mac brushes which come in a kit. The dye on the brushes was leaking out. I decided to return them. It would not be easy considering how “customer friendly” the Gurgaon outlet is. I showed it to the SA who tried to wash it. Of course, the dye leaked out but she said that it happens with all her brushes and is nothing to worry about. Strangely, she did not show it to me. I told her I wanted to return and would buy full size brushes instead. She said her manager is out of town for IIFA awards and I should come back after a week. Huh??? Crazy??? First, they sell me defective products and then expect me to wait around for their manager to return from her trip so she can give me a solution. I told her clearly that I was not going to leave without either a credit note or another purchase… her manager be damned. After 15 mins of haggling, they gave in. They didn’t want to create a scene.
I was disappointed. Mac is a great brand with a mixed back of products (some good some bad… but mostly good) but the customer service sucks. They really need to work on that. Unfortunately, thats a problem with most brands in India.
Another problem is that Mac SAs will not admit to a bad product. Instead of admitting that some product has limitations and works in certain situations only, they deny everything. Thankfully, there are enough reviews online for each product.
In India, most bloggers are in awe of MAC and hardly ever write negative reviews. Its like being in love… they get blinded to the faults.

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