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A fabulous movie… flawless… amazing. I can’t praise it enough. Wonderful job by Zoya Akhtar… she has captured the spirit of Bollywood. I loved the opening scene where she shows the reality behind the glamour.
The characters are so real… so well etched out.
The movie is about Sona (Konkana) and Vikram (Farhan). Sona comes to Mumbai from Kanpur to be an actress… she meets Aly Khan and sleeps with him. He promises her a lead role in his movie. 3 yrs later the movie materialises but Sona is not a part of it. Vikram is from Delhi… his dad has a hot shot business there. He leaves everything and comes to Mumbai to become an actor… he takes acting classes.
Vikram and Sona meet as strugglers… the day Sona loses the movie… Vikram gets it. He makes the right moves… manipulates the right people and becomes a hit. Sona joins TV serials.

My fav scenes are the between Vikram and Sona… their relationship is so real… so is the break up. Vikram is a selfish and ambitious man… he has the fire… which makes him cheat on Sona. But he also has a heart. Ultimately, he apologises to her.
Sona is also ambitious… but she trusts the wrong men… first, Aly and then Vikram. She also has the ability to see people beyond their exterior…

And my all time fav scene is when Vikram apologises to Sona… everyone makes mistakes… thats what makes us humans… but how many can admit to it??? How many of us can stand up, admit the fault and ask for forgiveness? It requires courage. Honesty requires courage.

I loved the movie… every bit of it… Rishi Kapoor, Juhi, Dimple, Dimple’s daughter (don’t know her name), Aly Khan, Hrithik, Karan (for once he is not looking gay)… everyone is too good.

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