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Hiya… KC was super excited about this movie. He woke me at 8 am and said; “Wake up, we have to go for the movie”. Movie was at 12.15 pm. I swore at him, turned around and dozed off.
There has been a lot of hype around this one… and reviews have been good.
As everyone know by now it has been shot on handycam. The movie has 3 stories… which are somewhat- very loosely linked.
Story 1: Boy is making movie for diploma class. He falls in love with heroine… whose father is very strict. They elope and get married. Hero is introduced to heroine’s best friend working in a supermarket. I won’t let out the end.
Story 2: Guy is unemployed and spending time in a supermarket. Another guy urges him to make out with a girl in front of hidden cameras in supermarket. They can then sell it off for a high price. The female (heroine’s best friend) working there saves a man after he is shot (3rd story). The clip of shooting is sold off for a high price. Guy decieves girl into sleeping with him and sells off clip.
Story 3: A journalist (who was shot in previous story) is looking for a sting operation for his channel. He meets a model who tells him about her experience at casting couch.
It is worth a watch once but go without expectations.

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