Love Sex Aur Dokha

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I am actually listening to songs of LSD and enjoying them. Aren’t they too shady?

When did cheap lyrics become “cool”?
I think the trend started with ‘Emotional Atyachaar’. The lyrics were not shady but it was a surprise hit. I remember Shashi playing this song over and over and over in office.
Yes… we played songs in office in my previous company. The ASMs gathered in office every 15 days and it became a mela then… laughter, cups of tea, phone calls, music…
Anyway, the songs of Dev D are the only Punjabi songs I like. I hated it when Punjabi music was “in”. Everyone who could remotely sing would come up shady Punjabi songs.
I watched LSD again today. It is surprising… all actors are newcomers and yet the acting is superb… no hamming or wooden faces. It is natural and over-the-top when required.
I don’t know what John Abraham, Katrina Kaif etc are doing in movies… these newcomers maybe not be half as good looking but they are far better than the “stars”.

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  1. I liked emotional atyachaar till I watched the movie… then I fell in love with the other songs… but you do it play it over and over and over again in office

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