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I have read good as well as bad reviews of this one and decided to judge it for myself. I was too tired last night to look for people to watch it with and headed alone to the Mall. I walked out within 20 mins… not kidding.
The break up scene really got to me… Saif looks in his late 30s and no make up can reduce his age… how can a 35-40 year old man be so confused??? Really!!! I mean… “What the fuck!!!”
Deepika looks pretty… but she cannot act… She is such a Bimbo and thats kinda sad ‘coz I had higher expectations from her. The scene was undigestible. I mean… this couple had been dating for over a year and they had not discussed marriage???? Hello???
I am deeply disappointed.

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  1. Dating for an year, and not discussed marriage. What does that mean. Do people dating for a while HAVE to discuss marriage. What is marriage.. but social sanction. Discard it, dont talk about it, and let orthodox society know that it does not have power over those of us who are beyond it.

    • You are right but if you have Indian parents it is impossible to be in your 30s and not think about marriage. Very, very difficult

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