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I don’t know what to blog about… there is nothing on TV… I am quite tired these days… Life has been hectic. Appraisals are here. I don’t know why people are so worried about it. Its not like its in your hand… 2008 is over… you can’t turn back time and change anything.

Some things people should not do on trains:

  • Sing loudly while listening to music with headphones.

There was this guy whose berth was in front of mine… he was listening to music on his phone with ear phones on and everytime the chorus came on he would bray at the top of his voice. The rest of us gave him weird looks but he seemed oblivious. Finally, I asked him to lower his voice.

  • Make other passengers change their berths to accommodate your family.

There was this family of 4 who had 2 berths around mine in AC 2 tier. They asked the guy on the other berth to move and he complied. Then they requested I move too. I refused. The train had started moving… my luggage was in place.. I was settled on the seat and comfortably reading. I had no intention of moving my ass.

  • Request me to move to the upper berth

Old people have this bad habit. They request younger people to move to the upper berth ‘coz of their age, health and what not. I try and book the lower berth. I don’t understand why I should put myself to inconvenience for someone else. Once I had given in and suffered all night. The AC on upper berth was on full blast and I couldn’t sleep and I had to report to office at 9 am. So… aunties and uncles… book the lower berth for yourself…

11 thoughts on “Lost for words

  1. Someone I know wrote this on 2nd Class Trains

    2nd class trains invariably force you to experience the sights, sounds and SMELLS of the Indian rural mosaic.

    During one of my regular journeys between Mumbai and Delhi in 2003, I had an entire family of 7 in one set of berths (6+2) and the 8th person was me.

    The family woke at at 10.45 at night for their dinner, jumped out of their berths and started hogging on their extremely stinky home-made food. They devoured boxes and tiffins full of food.

    The end result of that gastronomic nightmare was this:
    (1) They threw waste out of the window, but some of it came right back in.
    (2) The floor was full of oily and spicy stains.
    (3) The fuckers invariably farted and burped all night hence sharing their aroma with others. Add to that, their rural body odour.
    (4) It was winter, so I could not open the windows, as I would freeze to death, so I literally could not breathe for 8 hours.
    (5) The train was delayed by 5 hours during the journey itself, due to signalling problems.
    (6) They got up in the morning and went through the same eating ritual for breakfast.

    I hope I have made a compelling case for never travelling in 2nd class, although if you travel in 3AC, there are lots of farters and burpers there too. These days everyone can afford 3AC.

    So, the next time some long-lost uncle invites you to visit his home which can only be accessed by train, just tell him you are not related to each other.


  2. @Faunt: Thankfully… people I like rarely inconvenience me. Thats your philosophy… not mine. To each his own

    @Anonymous: Eeks!! Quite a description… thankfully I always travel by 2nd AC…

  3. strange…i never mind shifting for elderly people or even for families- yes I/ My family do it ourselves…as u always dont get what you want- like elderly people who cant get lower berths due to 10000 possible reasons…
    I am not sure how you can get inconvenienced by just shifting a bit here and there?!

  4. RT.. when you are traveling with family you are on vacation… I travel for work… I have to get off the train at 6 am… and report to work at 9 am… and I am exhausted… I need my sleep… and I cannot get any sleep on upper berth ‘coz the AC is on full blast there. Elderly people can reach home the next day and rest… I don’t have that luxury

  5. Some elderly people cant climb to the upper or even middle berth and everytime they get up in the night for a visit to the loo…u cant imagine the amount of effort it takes them…
    You can travel with an extra shawl/ jacket..or get the attendant to reduce the AC blast…but for some people the bones get affected directly..
    and u r not sure I or anyone travel only for vacation with family…there can be medical reasons or other emergencies, and they might get a news very late..not leaving them with enuf time to get their choice of berths…and even if one tries its not always that they get the their choice….

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