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Hiya. I am back after a long break. Don’t ask what happened. I booked my tickets for B’glore on Sunday. The plan was to catch up with friends on Friday, visit Mysore on Sat and return on Sunday evening. Guess what happens??? I fall ill. I was feeling down under on Sat itself. I managed to finish work and return home on time since KC and I had plans with his friends. But by 7 pm I could not move… my body ached all over. I curled up at home and ditched him. On Monday evening the puking began… the cough and cold were slowly building up. It was a terrible, terrible week spent in the doc’s consulting room, spending money on blood/urine/swine flu tests and on a lot of medicines.

I came to the conclusion that there are good docs and there are bad docs. The good docs are the one who prescribe medicines which will cure me… they understand when I say; “I puke on taking tablets. Please give me fewer tablets”… and I consult them again.
The bad docs are disinterested… they will answer 5 calls within 15 mins while consulting me… their list of tablets is longer than the list of foods I can eat in a day…
Anyway, I have recovered now and do not wish to fall ill again.

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