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Hiya. Just 5 posts in this month.. it is not good… not good at all. It has been busy and hectic. I have started going for morning walks. Its been 1 week. I am trying to get into the habit of waking up early… which also means sleeping early. And there lies the problem. I cannot sleep before 11 pm.. there is always too much to do…. have dinner, come online, read a little… etc etc etc.
Fitting in too much into a day gets hectic but I am guessing I have one life to live and I might as well live it well. Also, cooking has been on the back burner. I have been planning to bake muffins for more than a week now. May do it tom. Fingers crossed.
So many things happened since I last blogged. Generally, I do not blog about whats happening in the world… there is enough said on news, twitter and facebook. But this time I will:
  • The bomb blast in Delhi- People say that Mumbai moves on… so does Delhi. The next day was normal. When I heard about the blast I was in Ghaziabad. I was checking the news on my mobile and messaged KC about it. We didn’t discuss it further at home or even check news. Nobody in office spoke about it. And there lies the problem. In USA, something like this is taken so personally that the President goes and bombs 2-3 countries while nothing happens here. I am repeating what others have said… but its so sad
  • Shoot out at Gurgaon- I came across a news item on twitter… 2 people in a car shot the guy at the toll ‘coz he did not let them go without paying. The toll costs 21 bucks. A guy got shot for Rs 21… a life is worth that much… not even that, actually. Surprisingly, I did not come across it in the newspaper. Strange but true. It is scary. You never know who is carrying a gun here… someone who does have 21 bucks in his pocket… could be anybody…. the maid… the cook… her husband… the car cleaner with who I fought today…. anyone…


  • The earthquake: The more I read about it… the less I like… people still under the rubble? No way to reach the interiors? Really? What the hell is the government doing?
Gurgaon is quite expensive… the VAT is higher… service charge everywhere and today, Pizza Hut added “voluntary” donation to my bill. I blew up… asked them to remove the donation from the service charge. If I want to donate… I will… At Pizza Hut, stick to the pizzas only.
Thats about it for now… movie and book reviews coming up.

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