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Hiya people… sorry I have been gone. I have very important updates… don’t mind their trivial nature… unfortunately, my life is quite routine and below updates are life changing for me:

  • Remember the pigeon’s eggs? After the last post about it they have laid 4-5 times and I threw them away. I don’t know how to drive them away… they are like spiders- never giving up
  • 6-7 days of the month I return home late… I have to skip b’fast and order dinner from out. To avoid this a cook has been appointed. It was a heart breaking decision ‘coz it means I will cook lesser and lesser. But, it does free up a lot of my time and I can concentrate on other important things (in next update)
  • I have taken the MTNL broadband connection… it means no rest for the modem and laptop with constant downloads of- How I met your mother, Will and grace, Project Runway and movies like Orphan, Its complicated etc. Sometimes I wake up early and watch an episode (reason for waking up early in next update)
  • The old maid has been kicked out for taking 4-5 days leave every month. The new maid comes regularly at 7 am and the cook at 6.30 am… my day starts THAT early ‘coz I have to give both of them directions and ensure they are followed. The new maid refused to dry the utensils and stack them in order on day 1.

Maid: I only wash utensils… thats it… no drying and stacking them

Me: See, I am paying you a lot for very little work. I don’t want to haggle every morning
Maid: I charge Rs 300 for washing utensils… 300 for sweeping and swapping… and 100 for washing bathrooms
Me: There are days when there will be no utensils to wash… do you want me to deduct the money and pay only as much as you work? I can keep track or you can quit… I will find another maid
Thankfully, she got the point. On hearing my Bai woes KC remarked; “Thank god I am not around to deal with these issues”
  • Yesterday I spotted Celina Jaitley at Mariott… So now my list of celebrities has Emraan Hashmi (at Nirmal Lifestyle in 2007), Lesley Lewis (at China Town- Bandra in June 2009)… thats it… 🙁

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  1. About the pigeons – I have faced the trouble man! we had 3 balconies and one of them was the maternity ward for pigeons. Until I found a cat in our apt complex, it dint seem to belong to anyone. One of the 3 is a grilled balcony and the cat could get in through that. So i started leaving the balconies open for the cat to roam free in the house. Nothing unpleasant happened but pigeons were too scared to come anywhere close to my flat. Also since i dint own the cat, no responsibilities. It came terrorised pigeons n went. Mayb u can find something scary for the pigeons. – Sahana

  2. I was on 6th! I dont know how cats count stairs and flats but this one surely found my flat. This was between the times when i dint have a pet cat. Actually now to come to think of it, not such a good idea coz the cat turned out to be a female and well, and she used to manage around 2 litters a year i think. But she took them away when they grew up thankfully.

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