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Dear Dairy,

I have a firang visiting the market this week in Kolkata… but everything depends on Jyoti Basu… specifically, on his death. If he dies tomorrow, Kolkata will be on strike and visit will shift to Mumbai… if he lives, Mumbai visit may not happen.
I am hoping Basu lives a long life… else my work load this week will double.
My best friend is returning to India.. she might shift to Mumbai. Yippie!!!
Still no tomatoes at home… πŸ™
Remember I told you about the pigeon babies? They have grown up but don’t fly. I am afraid they will spend their entire life in my balcony. Another pigeon has laid a egg there. I am reaching my patience limit. I have half a mind to throw away the pigeons and the eggs.

8 thoughts on “Long Live

  1. Taking the liberty to interfere in ur and ur diary’s interaction…u need to throw away the pigeon’s nest when its not around…or else you wont be able to get rid of them!!

  2. @ RT: C’mon… don’t blame appu. Google has the solution to all problems of life
    I don’t… the visit was last week. Thank god, JB passed away this week.

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