Logistics for a long run

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Running more than 10 km requires lots of arrangements, planning and can be a logistical nightmare. Unlike a 10 km run, which you can run anywhere and anytime.

Here are a few tips :

  • Morning runs. It has taken me a while to get the myth out of my head that one must run in the morning. Sure, it is easier to run early mornings and get the most important task done. There is no traffic and there are few people around. Sometimes waking up early can be difficult. It is so easy to skip a run because you woke up late. I have run late morning and late evening and it has been fine. The block was in my mind. You can run whenever you want, specially during winters.
  • Hydration. A small bottle of water is sufficient for 10 km run but for a longer one, you need more water. One way is to run where there is a tap available. I did that at Sanjay Van. The tap was my hydration point and I ran around it. In Mumbai, I bought a bottle of water when I ran out. In Lodi Gardens, there is a water vendor outside one of the gates. Or you can leave it in your car and refill after 10 km.
  • Snacks. I don’t have running gels (need to buy them today). So, yesterday I carried Gatorade, chocolates and protein bar in the car. I stopped every few km to eat something. A few sips of Gatorade and 1 small dark chocolate bar is all I needed. The chocolate can be carried in a pocket or a small pouch.
  • The route. The most important part of the run is the route. I avoid boring routes since 21 km needs extra willpower anyway. The route should be one you like. In Delhi, it is either Gurgaon to Delhi or ADHM route. Even Sanjay Van is on the list. In Mumbai, there is Colaba, NCPA, Hanging gardens or Aarey colony.
  • Running group. Long runs are easier with a group around. You don’t have to worry about the route and the pace is faster than what you’d run normally.

Follow it up with a good breakfast.

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