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There are some moments/situations/phases/incidents (call it what you may) in life which are significant. While living in them I can feel their significance… that are life altering… that will change me as a person. I am living in one such moment right now. It is not about winning or losing… after all does anyone ever win? I mean… in life… there is some loss in every win. It is about the journey or specifically, the fight. I know once this blows over or is resolved… I will be stronger, less trusting, less naive and lose some of the leftover innocence. It is strange but through any such fight… what goes first is innocence and then trust.

I did try to keep my mouth shut and be diplomatic like it is expected in corporate life… but not for long. That is just not me… I need to speak up…. no matter the consequences. KC was soooo bugged with my diplomacy and I am glad to have a partner in life who will never let me forget who I am. And I am grateful to have friends like RT who will always give a listening ear… who will give honest, experienced and wise advice.
Should my job change who I am or what I believe in?
Last month my sub-ordinate was advising me how I should commit things to trade partners to keep them happy.
I told; “I will commit only what I can do. I do not believe in breaking commitments. Just because we do sales does not mean we cannot stick to our principles and achievement should not be at any cost. There is a right way to achieve the right targets”. I don’t know if these words had any impression on him… but I hope I can lead with example.
I probably sound like an anomaly. I guess, I began my career in a very ethical and clean sales company and that has shaped my views for life. Not everyone gets that opportunity.
Thought for the day: Don’t let your organization or profile or seniors define your values and principles.

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  1. I have seen some clean sales people as best performers sticking to their values and succeeding year after year..
    just because today most of the employees in an org are bad doesnt mean its all bad..
    Thats the differentiation of u from others..maintain it!!

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