Life is strange

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Sometimes my life resembles a total Bollywood movie… at other times I wonder how it became like this… I am confused at times who to trust… my instinct or someone else’s?

How do you live your life if everyone around you is intent on putting doubts into your mind?

Sometimes I want to curse this society for its bloody hypocrisy.

Nobody asks me; “What do you want?”… everyone only cares about effect my decision will have on them.

Life sucks… totally… totally… hate it… very much.

I wish I could do exactly what I want the way I want to…

7 thoughts on “Life is strange

  1. ” My life is like a bollywood movie.. and I am the hero. Bad things are temporary for me and I make things happen coz I am the hero of my life” U know who said this ?

    Btw, do u fancy ur life like a Kollywood ?

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