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I went for dinner to one of the best restaurants in Rajkot today… Since I was looking for something light I ordered “thepla” (a Gujju dish like methi paratha)… a dish full of oil soaked theplas were served to me… just the sight of so much oil made me want to puke. I sent it away with instructions that the oil has to be reduced… the theplas returned with lesser oil (the top layer was probably wipped off with tissue)… I sent them away again with instructions that no oil was to be used… this time they returned roasted and not fried… but I had lost my appetite.
This is reality of life in sales… travelling a lot, staying in hotels, eating unhygeinic food. All of us have realized how screwed up our lifestyles have become. Last month I decided to change this trend and have suceeded.

Rajkot is an amusing place… after the paratha incident I hailed an auto to take me back to hotel from my gym. I was not carrying any money and intended to take cash from the ATM below my hotel.
Me: Do you have change for Rs 100?
Autowala: No… We will take it on the way
Me: I don’t have money… I will withdraw it from the ATM at my destination.. you can take change there
Him: Ok… I know where you stay… I have dropped you there earlier
Me: I don’t remember
Him: Its ok… you can pay me later
Me: No… no… absolutely not… we will find change

We reach the hotel but are unable to find change… the guy gives me an assurance that he will take the money tomorrow… he knows I go to the gym regularly and usually picks up passengers from there.

Sigh… not just my bank but even an autowala thinks I am credit worthy.

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  1. Belonging to this gender aids in keeping us on ToM of people all around especially in places like rajkot and chennai…so they notice us even though we dont 😉

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