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When I bought my phone Nokia E63 I discovered Fring… and Twitter all over again. I don’t understand the need for Twitter when there is a facebook. Why would strangers care about my random thoughts … there is a facebook where friends follow my statuses.

I have been reading about celebrity tweets and decided to check them out myself. So now I am following SRK, Priyanka, Sussane, Hrithik, Junior AB, Barkha Dutt and many more.
My phone keeps tweeting all day ‘coz thats all these celebs do… and they are so bloody fake. What is with the trend of saying; “Love you all”… and tweeting crap inspirational stuff. So boring.
Yesterday morning at 8.30 am on phone:
KC: Hi… M F Hussain has been offered citizenship by Qatar
Me: Duh!!! Stale news… Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt tweeted about it half hour back. Unlike a mere mortal I get my news live.
Thats the power of Twitter… avoid celebs…

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