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  1. Happiness : It is an internal feeling… money, success, people do not bring happiness… you are either happy or not… you cannot be happy one moment and unhappy the next moment… or maybe I am mistaking it for contentment. But I prefer to define the above as “happiness”. I had forgotten this. Just remembered it now. I am happy… even if my day is bad, my bank balance is low, there are few friends around etc etc etc etc
  2. Independence: I learned that no matter how far you come in life… or how many people are around you… you can only truly depend on yourself. I keep forgetting this and start depending on people around me. When they do not live upto my expectations, I get frustrated. I have learned that it is better to do things on your own than depend on someone else.
  3. Dependency: I have learned the relief and joy someone else’s support, involvement and effort can bring. It minuses out the above lesson… but thats the trick….
  4. Blogging: 2 people reminded me yesterday and today how important blogging is to me and how important it can be to others. I will not let it flag like this again. I started blogging in 2006. It has been 5 years already and my journey is reflected in my posts… something which reminds me who I was as a person at a particular time. Nothing can replace that.
  5. Commenting: I am not huge on commenting for various reasons- some blogs are so popular my comments get lost out. I eagerly look forward to their posts but they probably dont know I am a regular reader… they have so many fans, it won’t matter if there is one comment less. Another reason is sometimes I come online only to read posts…. I do not have enough time to comment… specially when I am at work. Thirdly, I write for myself… the blog has never been an “exchange” of ideas for me… it is more about me spewing my thoughts and feelings here. So, less importance on comments. But, I have learned that for everyone blogging serves a different purpose. And I am going to be open to the exchange of ideas
  6. How to take a long live: Plan the trip 2 months in advance, at least. Get the leave approved… no one thinks so far off into the future. Do not mention it again till 2 days before the leave begins. Your immediate superior may get a panic attack remembering his approval… but it will be too late for anything. Do not… feel guilty. If you do, you will end up working on the trip
  7. Nothing is so important that you cannot take a whole week off in the year

6 thoughts on “Lessons learned this week

  1. i loved the second point !!
    Becuz i m a practitioner… nt tht i get frustrated if ppl dont live upto expecctations.. but i m prepared for ppl not meeting expectations.. So glad ur learning smthing 😛

    Happiness was always a matter of perspective !!
    And m glad that wisdom prevails …

    Lastly… plz do not scrutinize them as mean comments, even if they seem so… i was just kidding 😛


  2. This was such a good post, Bulbul. Made me stop on my tracks and read it all over again so that I remember these life lessons.
    We have been on each other’s blog for more than year, I believe. I am used to you being around. I come by yours almost every other day to check for new posts. You are right about the comments though. I have been putting too much of thought in the whole commenting thing. I do not need anybody’s approval via a comment, but if they feel that they have something to say, they should feel free to do so. I will keep point number 5 in mind ALWAYS.

    Also I got lost in blogging so much that it was creating a pressure, so I thought I’d just stop posting about food for a bit and start writing other stuff. The original intent of my starting to blog was to vent out my feelings and ideas. I got lost somewhere in between.

    THank you for posting this important note.

  3. @ KC: I do not agree that you do not expect. Just ‘coz you are slow in expressing it does not mean they are not there. Think about it

    @ Anita: Hey… I didn’t mean that comments are not important. Its just I have not spent enough time on that. A lot of blogs I follow are popular and have loads of comments. I get the feeling that my comments get lost out.
    I also tend to do that sometimes… blog too much about food, movies and books instead of “me”. My friend RT is vocal about her dislike and gets me back on track.

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