Lessons from staying alone

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Staying alone makes me encounter situations which are unimaginable normally:

  • Changing a tubelight is a talent not everyone can cultivate…. I am too short to do it… the building electrician has to be called… this is when I miss KC the MOST
  • I am never sure if the locksmith… electrician… plumber… mechanic are lying to me or if their services really cost THAT much?
  • Who needs clothes??? Seriously!!!
  • I can eat anything anytime… Maggi at midnight??? Why not!!!
  • I can do anything anytime… wash clothes at night on weekday? Why not!!!
  • I can be messy….
  • Don’t like kadu? Don’t eat it
  • The courier companies are never supportive… I have to regularly encounter questions in a disbelieving tone; “Won’t there be anyone home on weekday?”
  • Want to spend entire night watching movies??? be my guest
  • I have started appreciating garbage bags and think they are total Value for money… they keep my dustbin clean… a dream come true
  • My nightmare is my car breaking down on Eastern Express Highway… I better save the mechanic’s no
  • Loud music at 6 am??? Why not??? It will beat the Mosque’s sermons
  • Splitsvilla… Roadies… Emotional Atyachaar… no censorship

And many many more…

12 thoughts on “Lessons from staying alone

    Being single home alone ROCKS.
    BTW, something worse than a break-down on an express-way would be break-down late rainy night. Even worse, break-down in the middle of peak traffic, right before a bottle-neck. Think about it…

  2. @ Anonymous:I don’t reach the light even then… 🙁 I am only 5’2″

    Whatever re… the sermon/prayer call is irritating

    @ Faunt: Ouch!!! The hated one?

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