Lazy Sunday

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It is a super duper lazy Sunday. The maid came at .. I don’t remember. I only opened the door and then she let the cook in. I was in a deep, deep slumber. These days Sundays begin at 11 am for me. I cannot wake up before that. Its like I am catching up on all the sleep lost during the week.

I was extremely tired yesterday having woken up at 6 am for the training and then drove to Vashi to pick up KC. By the time we reached home I had no energy. KC was sweet enough to cook some Maggi to perk me up.
Dinner was at Aromas Thane… a fab place in Hiranandani Meadows.
We finished packing most of the stuff lying around. Now it is upto the movers and packers. This week is also hectic… I will be flying to Gurgaon for 6 days. Hope to find a perfect house without too much heartburn.

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