Lazy Hazy Sunday

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Hiya… I have been meaning to blog all day but….

This is how the day began:
  • 7.22 am: My eyes open and refuse to close. I push the eyelids down with a lot of effort (they are so strong)… I slept at 2 am waiting for His Highness (KC) to grace me with his presence online and remark on some personal photos.
  • 8.30 am: The car cleaner rings the bell to pick up the keys. I wonder if I should put on more clothes before opening the door but it seems like too much effort. He hands me the newspaper
  • 9 am: The door bell rings again and he returns the keys
  • 10 am: The maid turns up and I have… have…have to wake up finally
  • till 11 am: The one hour is spent cleaning and supervising her cleaning… it is quite irritating since she never cleans below the furniture and I have to remind her every Sunday
  • 11.30 am: B’fast of poha while clothes are being washed
  • 11.30 to 1.30 pm: Watch the movie ‘Raat gayi toh baat gayi’ while I soak my hands and feet in hot water and pamper them with some moisturising… total relaxation… water plants.. oil hair
  • till 2.30 am: Look up recipes of Butter chicken… cook it… eat it even though chicken turned out to be hard. I really need to learn how to cook chicken… the gravy is not a problem… but somehow the chicken breast always turn out to be hard… any tips?
  • 2.30 till 7: watch friends… read blogs… download music…
  • 7 pm: Decide to go out and hence take a bath. I cannot take a bath if I don’t have to venture outdoors… sometimes I have to tempt myself with a trip outside the house just so I may take a shower
  • Now: Decide to stay in after all… listen to music… and read. The magazines I have bought are stacking up… need to read them asap

What was your Sunday like?

Btw… I bought myself some gold jewellery for the first time. The only gold purchase before this was the ring for KC in Dec’08… wow… has it been more than a year already? Seems like yesterday when on an impulse we decided to exchange rings and declare our “engagement”. We were in Indore and he asked me to wait until we were in Mumbai/Gurgaon/Delhi/A’bad but I was adamant. I wanted to get engaged that day. Ummm…. btw neither of us remember the date.
Anyways, I had invested in the Gold Harvest Scheme in Tanishq in Aug’08. I didn’t think too much but paid the monthly installments even when I shifted to Rajkot and then to Mumbai. The account had to shifted from Gurgaon to A’bad to Rajkot and then to Mumbai- first Mulund and then Chembur when Mulund outlet closed down. Last weekend KC and I could not find anything good. I don’t like gold… so the chances of me wearing the jewellery are very low… and yet what if I decided to wear it one fine day. I was looking for jewellery which could fulfil both needs- of investing in gold and being nice enough to be able to wear it. Last night I decided to buy it… no matter what. It took me 2 hours to pick something… and another hour for Tanishq people to get their billing right. Bastards and bitches overcharged me at first… I checked the bill… and well, rest is history which got corrected.

5 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Sunday

  1. From your blog, you appear to be a very very logical clear thinking kind. I’m curious why you bought gold jewelery. Gold is a very expensive metal, that serves very little purpose (its industrial uses don’t drive up the price). Perhaps you could even do a post on why you bought the gold, and your views on it.

  2. 1) Try not to add any sour ingredients to your gravy. 2) Reduce cooking temperature. Cook much longer at lower temperature.

    CAUTION! These are only calculated guesses.

  3. @ RT: A set with necklace and ear rings, pendant and chain

    @ Sundeep: It didn’t turn out well… how could I store it???

    @ Anonymous: I don’t think soooo much… I am more impulsive than practical

    @ Howard: Actually, there were no sour ingredients… and the recipe said the chicken had to be cooked at high temperature

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