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The weather is so depressing. It is foggy, cold, cloudy. The sun did not come out at all yesterday and even today it was out only for a few hours.

Today was a significant day. I ran my 1st 10 km. I came across the ‘Farm House Run’ on facebook few weeks back and promptly registered for it. A few sponsors, a coach, runwithme foundation and Mega Pink- an initiative by Milind Soman came together to organize this. The idea was that people could celebrate last weekend’s Airtel Half Marathon with another run this weekend. There was a party afterwards. For Rs 999, you could run 10km and get booze and food. I paid 600 bucks only for the run. I was not interested in the party. The farthest I have run is 8 km so 10 km is a milestone. I just wanted to do it once.

Friday was legs day in the gym… after 2-3 weeks and I was hurting badly on Saturday. I could barely walk… sitting/standing was an effort. Thankfully, the Jazz class on Saturday was cancelled so I could rest. KC dissuaded me from going for the run today. I was putting my body under stress…. but I was determined. I had paid 600 bucks and all I wanted to do was finish the 10 km… even if I was the slowest.

At 9 am, I left home for some farmhouse in some village in Gurgaon. It was like any village/town in India. By 10 am, everyone had come but the run did not start… we had to wait for Milind Soman who turned up fashionably 15 mins late. I had not read/inquired about the run. I had read ‘trail run’ online but did not think too much about. Well, the 10 km was in the jungle. Wow!!! That is like running 20 km on the road. We passed a few houses, a slippery and dirty road and went uphill. There was no road… just tracks… there were thorny plants and rocks on both sides. There were many people for a 5 km run. Jogging and walking, I reached the 2.5 km mark where most people took a U turn and returned back. I was tempted to turn back… there was nobody monitoring. What if I didn’t finish the 10k? I decided to go on. I just wanted to do my 10k. After 4 km, I saw a lot of people turning back… 5k was not too far. It was kind of embarrassing… there was nobody behind me and I was last. Then, I saw a guy passing me by who had worn those shoes which are shaped like a foot. Something like this-


The shoes looked a little torn. I wondered why someone would wear torn shoes and then I saw Milind Soman. Now I am not too sure they were torn. Maybe that is a style or I didn’t see clearly. I drooled over his calves (yes… the calves)… well defined, muscular. You just have to look at them and know he is a runner. I want such calves someday.

Anyway, somehow I reached the 5 km mark. On the way back I came across some more runners and was happy that I am not the slowest. The rest of the way I was alone… the female ahead was a few meters ahead and people behind were too far behind. Milind and his companion passed me by again. It was kindof embarrassing ‘coz the other guy stopped to click his pic and I thought he is clicking mine. So, I gave my best smile … only to realize the truth. At 6.5 km mark… I was tired. My thighs were hurting… and my left foot had start throbbing. It felt worse when I walked and the path had too many stones on it to jog comfortably. I just wanted to reach 7.5 km mark where I could pick up a lemonade. At 8 km, I was dead and alone. Thankfully, it was not too cold… I could see the sun and the breeze felt pleasant. I passed by grazing cows, buffaloes, dogs, women collecting firewood etc. Pushing myself, I reached the 10 km mark, collected my medal and certificate, drove home, had lunch and collapsed. I have been sitting in the same spot since then. Getting up or sitting down are major efforts ‘coz my thighs hurt. I can crawl comfortably though… if only the floor was not so cold.

Thats the view.


Thats the path…. this one is fairly decent… without any stones in the way


The reward


The event was well organized. I paid 600 bucks and got a tee shirt and cap free. There were proper markings on the rocks so we don’t get lost. At any confusing path, volunteers waited to direct us… there was water and lemonade at 2.5 and 5k mark… wherever there were 2 paths, one was cordoned off so that we don’t get lost.

What an experience!!! A Sunday well spent.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. That is awesome! Well done! I hate running myself so I cannot every see myself do a run of any kind but hats off for sticking to the 10km and not turning back

  2. Not sure if you read comments on your Blog however one tip to save pain after the long runs.
    Do some flexing or warm up type exercises after the run.
    Do not rest after the run for 10-20 minutes. May take a walk at least.

    Do some flexing and warm-up before the run as well.

  3. @ Ritesh: Thanks so much
    @ APC: Thank you… You would lose all the muscles if you run… you are better off in the gym
    @ Harish: I do read all the comments though my replies may be delayed. I always stretch after a run but some amount of pain is natural. Also, last 5-10 mins of the run are slow… either walk or slow jog. For warm up, I just start walking before running. Thanks for the tips and do keep reading.

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