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I was with a colleague who has been in the role for the last 4 years. I had specifically asked for the last leg of my induction with him. I thought to myself, “No matter how good I am, it will take me atleast half the time to get where he is”.

My question to him and his other colleague was “What is my role? What are the expectations from me? Where do I start?”. Maybe it sounds stupid to someone else, but they know what I meant. I am leaving for Bangalore on Monday with lots of gyaan and handy tips. One question that nobody can answer is “What kind of a boss should I be?” Do I get involved in every aspect of the reportee’s job? Do I give them a free hand? How much is too much and how much is too less? The problem is that I will be able to answer these questions through trial and error. Which means, there will be lots of screw ups and mistakes made before I know what kind of a boss I am or want to be. And the answer may be different depending on how am dealing with.

In my mind, there is some clarity and I know where to start. The rest of it is supposed to become clearer. Half the battle is in starting. More importantly, there are people who I can turn to for advice at any point of time. And since they have been managers first and then promoted as managers’ manager, they understand what am dealing with.

The most positive part is that I am pals with people who are still managers and at the same level as my reportees. I speak to them and understand their expectations from their managers.


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