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Everyone kept telling me how much A’bad has changed and how much our college has changed. The way I see it is, if I went looking for points A,B,C and D and if those points exist, nothing has changed really. And just like things are the same 10 years later (WOW, I visited college after 10 years), I hope they continue to remain the same.

I woke up today determined to have fun, stick to today’s plan and not let anything and anyone ruin it for me.

I took an auto at 7.45 am from my hotel on C.G road and told him ‘LD’. He asked ‘Engineering’? And I remembered there is more than 1 LD college in A’bad. It was a short drive. He was going to enter through the canteen/boys hostel side and I asked him to take me to the ‘other’ gate out of habit. We never entered from the boys’ hostel gate.

That’s my college- LD College of Engineering. How I joined this college is an interesting tale.

If you are a student in Gujarat, you have only 2 options in terms of career- medical or engineering. If you can draw well then a 3rd career option is architecture because of CEPT (don’t know CEPT? You gavar person). Everything else is for people who didn’t manage to get into the two options.

I scored 89% in Maths and Science- good enough for any stream in engineering but not good enough for medical on merit. I could have joined dentistry or physiotherapy or ayurveda but the thought of looking down people’s smelly mouths or massaging their limbs was not my idea of a career. I had relatives from all over asking me to choose dentistry because… technically I would become a doctor. My dad was ready to pay donation for admission in medical but I had principles. The decision was made tougher by the fact that I hate physics, so engineering was out.

I wanted to join BSc but my mom refused to come along to pick up the form because it was beneath her dignity to have a child in BSc. I was just out of school and had yet to start rebelling so I found a middle path- Environmental Engineering. It was engineering… but with chemistry and biology. Win win.

Except- my parents wanted me to join engineering in Nirma University. You see, 11th and 12th students in Gujarat masturbate to Nirma and DA-IICT (Dhirubhai Ambani institute of some IT shit). They dream of entering the prestigious halls of Nirma. I, on the other hand, just wanted to have fun AND make my parents happy. LD seemed like the perfect compromise.

Since I was not a rebel, my mother started with the passive aggressive approach to change my mind. It included being disappointed that she made so many sacrifices for my boards and I was now going to waste all those efforts. Note- HER efforts, since my involvement in the boards was minimal. She also sighed to relatives and mentioned how kids don’t care about parents these days and do as they please. Etc Etc Etc.

For the first time in my life, I stood my ground and enrolled in Environmental Engineering. It was a short process since I was the first one (out of 20 students) to enroll. My dad had brought lots of money to pay for Nirma (hoping I would change my mind) but had to pay less than 200 bucks for admission.

The feeling of standing up to my parents, doing what I wanted to do and being right about it was the best feeling in the world. That set the precedent for the rest of my life- starting with college. I did everything I wanted to by lying to my parents… almost getting caught but never getting caught. Best feeling in the world. And totally worth it. There is nothing better than breaking your parents trust.



What does LD stand for?

Don’t laugh. It is Lalbhai Dalpatbhai.



This is the first thing you see when you enter college. Don’t ask me about the engine, I don’t know why it is there. And also, this is not a history lesson. Ok? The area around the engine is the girls’ parking. Very useful for women to get away from random guys, hooligans and guys who will steal 2 wheeler accessories. And yes, there was a guard who shooed away male lurkers.


WP_20150319_07_55_35_Pro (1)


Mechanical Engineering department- where men’s puberty went to die and women were treated like Miss Worlds since such few women…




Engineering is when you realize how powerful women are. And workshop is the first place I discovered how sexy I actually am. All my workshop projects (welding, filing, carpentry etc) except the very first one were done by guys. No, I am not that female who asks random guys for help. But I am not even that female who refuses help with anything involving tools. I felt sexy as hell in here.




The only sport I watched was … football. Why? Because hot North East guys played the game and I always went to cheer. In fact, all my cheering was paid off during an inter college tournament. The guys in our college did not have a coach or a professional team so obviously competing with other colleges was difficult. So, they did not score even one goal in most of the matches. But there was 1 match, where they scored the first goal AND removed their tee shirts on the field and cheered. And us, females, also cheered them for their non hairy chests.




The tree where we spent time in the 1st year is still standing. How cool is that!!! PR, P, S, M, R and I were a group in the 1st year but it didn’t last beyond one year because of misunderstandings, affairs and well, 4 of us were in different streams. I stayed friends with M and P while R was my bf but didn’t care much for the 2 females.

M- I liked him for his sense of humour though he was a very conservative person. I think that’s why the friendship didn’t last. The foundation of our friendship was not strong. But yes, I’ve had some awesome discussions with him and we took many walks around the Gujarat University campus

P- He was a good friend and flirted outrageously with me online initially. He stopped once he got to know I have a bf and he got a gf. I guess, we just didn’t stay in touch after college and I haven’t really tried to get back in touch. Time to do so now, I guess.




And that’s Environmental Engineering department. We had shifted into this building in the 3rd year and loved having a whole building to ourselves. This is where the sex ratio was completely skewed towards the females. It’s a damn good place to be a male. 5-7 males Vs 15-13 females. Doesn’t get better than this in engineering.

Joining Environmental was actually WTF because I studied civil engineering for 2 years (1st year was common for all streams) and the relevant subjects in the final year only. And civil engineering is like the worst. Imagine studying about shit like beams, reinforcements, buildings and shit. Sucked the life out of me. I started preparing for CAT to escape.




And THAT is the boys’ hostel. If you were new to college, be prepared to get eve teased while crossing this road. I was teased with R (another R) who was called Lolo on chat. The only things I heard while crossing this road were ‘Lolo… Lolo’ which was so unoriginal. This dies down by 2nd year when you are old and the guys decide to eve tease the newcomers hoping someone will be stupid enough to give them a 2nd look.

In fact, a lot of eve teasing around the college stopped when one of the gutsy women slapped a guy for teasing her.

The guy standing there is wearing a banian and brushing his teeth. Very attractive *not*




And THAT is the girls’ canteen. No, no, it’s not specifically for the women. This is where we sat as first year students since we were not brave enough to sit in the boys’ canteen. Once you are in 2nd year, nobody really bothers you. In 1st year, you are a potential girlfriend and in an engineering college… that’s huge.




Some more pics.






It was so fitting when J called me just as I left college and I walked back… all the way from college to CG road while on the phone with her.

Best day today.





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