Kya baat hai…jo baat hai… taaza lage…

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I love love love love love love love the songs of Udaan. The strange part is I have not heard them playing on the radio or TV while cheap songs like ‘Munni darling’ are on every music channel.

I can concentrate on music only on my Ipod. I need to block out all other sounds to listen to music… when it is playing in the background I am too distracted to actually “listen”.
Gym time is the only time when I can listen to uninterrupted music… there is no time otherwise. I do not even have a desk job working on excel where music can be played.
I visited the gym after almost a month…. due to expiry of the membership and then the illness and then laziness. Getting back to the routine is most difficult after such a long break. Initially, the new Puma golden colored shoes (cheapest in the sale among Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Puma) were a motivation but for the past week I have been procrastinating. Every morning at 6 am on the sound of alarm I would tell myself I will go in the evening and in the evening I would put it on the next morning.
Finally, today I dragged my ass back and I know I will follow the routine.
Sometimes half the battle is the beginning.
I am also loving the songs of ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ specially- ‘I am in Love’. Another song that takes my breath away is ‘Aye Khuda’. Salim Merchant’s voice is heavenly… and ‘Bekraar’ by Lucky Ali. I generally don’t listen to songs of flop movies but these songs are too too good.

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