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Yesterday KC asked me what I want for my birthday. Initially, it was easy to surprise with b’day gifts- a Tommy Hilfiger watch, a digital photo frame etc. Over the years, it is damn difficult… what do you gift someone who has everything and can afford to buy anything? So, we generally tell each other what we want. It makes life much simpler.

This is what KC wanted to buy- a Kitchenaid cake beater (or something). It is quite expensive but I lost it.

Me: Don’t you ever EVER gift me kitchen related stuff on my B’DAY.

I was reminded of the incident in the movie ‘Father of the Bride’. Steve Martin’s daughter is getting married and her to be hubby gifts her a mixer. She is so pissed off and on the verge of breaking off the marriage. Thats how I feel when someone wants to gift me kitchen related stuff. It is medieval.

When I got married everyone was gifting utensils which was so weird. From receiving cool stuff as gifts, I was now receiving utensils. I told my mom to please not give me utensils… please stick to clothes, perfumes, footwear, jewellery, makeup etc.

The worst was my mom in law. She kept sending utensils… and the kind I don’t even use. I generally refuse everything…

– No… I don’t eat sweets

– No… I don’t eat ghee

– No… I don’t like puran poli

– No… I don’t want to speak Marathi

– No… I will not change my surname

– No… I will not wear a saree

…. The list is never ending. I asked KC to refuse the kind gift of utensils else I would use them in painful ways on him. He kindly obliged.

Men… don’t even THINK of gifting kitchen related stuff for your woman’s b’day. You can buy/gift it on any other day (excluding anniversary and Valentine’s).

My dad called today and asked me to wish my mom a ‘Happy Mother’s Day.

My response : You both have not wished me on my b’day for the last 6 years and want me to wish. Absolutely not.

When I step back and think about it, it is all so ridiculous… such a waste of time and emotions.

Considering that:

– KC and I are not divorced yet

– He has not hit me (yet) or I have not hit him (yet)

– His parents have not demanded dowry or tried to burn me for it

– His parents have not ill treated me

My parents should just admit that they were wrong and I was right in not marrying any of the buffoons that I met through them. Instead, like typical ‘Indian’ parents that hold a grudge and feel betrayed and are basically sulking like kids… for 6 YEARS!!!

Now, I have decided to give up on them… its not worth it. There is this famous quote… if you love someone, set them free… if they come back, they are yours… if not, they never were. I am done making any more efforts. My parents are happier pretending they don’t have a 2nd daughter and am happier not having them around.




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  1. Since you bring up the topic…. Your choices of gifts have been poor too !

    In my defense… U like to bake cakes

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