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I buy books online but nothing beats the experience of visiting a bookstore. The feel of the book… being able to scan it… read a few pages and then decide on the purchase. I picked up the habit of browsing in the school library. I never really bought books till I had access to be library. I recently cancelled my library subscription because I didn’t like the collection of books. Ideally, the library should have the latest books in stock but this one never did… atleast not of Indian authors. I was paying Rs 300 per month and had to pick out 3 books at one go. Tedious. I ended up reading only 1 book. I’d rather spend that money and buy a book.
Anyway, I wanted to write about the different bookshops I have access to:

  • Om Book Shop: Cluttered… with hardly any space between the shelves… the entrance generally has crappy books on discount… magazines are in the most inaccessible location… the staff has no clue about books…. and they don’t stock the popular books. I remember looking for True Blood series here… the salesguy started looking for it in the kids section. I was horrified… thankfully, the books were not there. I hardly ever buy anything from here
  • Crossword: This was my frequent hangout in Mumbai since it was next door. I like the layout… there is something very pleasing about it… I manage to find books… the recommendations are good and frequently updated… the shelves are not too high so it is easy to glance around the entire room. The only drawback is since the store size is small or medium only, rare books may not be available. In Delhi, the store size is too small and the collection is bad. I never visit the stores here.
  • Landmark: A popular store in Delhi NCR… the stores are huge and stock chocolates, bags and a lot of other stuff too… most books are available… salespeople are aware about the books. Last time I visited, a salesguy was recommending books to a customer. I have never seen THAT in other stores
  • Reliance: Another popular bookstore in Delhi NCR… the biggest problem is the layout. The shelves are too high and it is difficult to figure out whats on the other side. Searching a book is too difficult… I have never been able to find a book and always have to ask for help… on the positive side, the salesguy are generally aware about the books. Only once it happened that a guy told me a book is not available even though it was.
I think Landmark wins over the rest. 

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