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I am a fan… a huge fan. Earlier, when people recommended this place I would exclaim at the price. Rs 1000 and above for a ticket???
I watched Jhumroo with a friend ‘coz the background dancers are from Danceworx. My current and past instructor are part of the show and in every class they would narrate incidents from the show. I wanted to watch it… just to watch them. And now I am hooked. We had purchased the cheapest tickets- Rs 999 and the seats are very far from the stage. I vowed to buy better tickets next time. My subordinate got me free passes for Zangoora for the 4th row. Everyone who has watched both shows told me Zangoora is better. I liked Jhumroo and was eager to watch Zangoora. And here is my verdict- it sucks. Z is about a gypsy prince. A king is killed off by traitors… a loyalist runs off with their son to keep him safe and leaves him with some gypsies. When he grows up, he falls in love with a female who is his father’s loyal, kills the traitor and claims back his throne. The leads are Gauhar Khan and Hussain on the weekends. I think there are different leads on the weekdays and thats the reason for the lower priced tickets. Gauhar Khan was not part of the show… there was some look alike of hers. I GK, specially after watching Ishaqzaade. Hussain cannot act… he overacts… the only redeeming qualities are his voice and the six pack abs. When he took off his shirt I said to KC “Thats the first time I have seen 6 pack from such close quarters… generally, its on TV”.
Zangoora is not worth the money.
I went to watch Jhumroo again this weekend and loved it. We were in the 3rd row from the stage. I am not sure about KC since he missed the India Pakistan match to come along… but I love the main leads- Gaurav Gera and Shweta Gulati. The background dancers are amazing. They dance continuously for 2.5 hours… In our class we dance with that intensity for 5-10 mins and are exhausted. Superb. Jhumroo is about a guy who cannot sings but thinks he can. He is trying to woo Shweta. To help him Kishore Kumar’s soul enters his body and he starts singing. He enters the India’s Super Singer contest and enters the finals. The 3 judges are hilarious- just like on Indian Idol. In the last round, Gaurav admits that he cannot sing. It is funny… the songs are superb… imagine listening to Kishore Kumar melodies live. Too good.
Must watch… KOD is also a tourist destination. We saw buses with tourists coming to watch it.
KOD is one of its kind in India and we need more such entertainment options. 

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