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Yesterday I was googling for Sindhi food recipes. I was not even sure if there is a typical Sindhi cuisine. I have eaten at relatives’ houses and they serve similar dishes as mine does.. but is it categorised as ‘Sindhi cuisine’- a question that needed to be answered.

Much to my surprise there is a blog for Sindhi cuisine recipes-
I came across recipes of a lot of stuff cooked at home… it felt so good.
I tried cooking pasta today… it turned out ok. I love watching pasta being cooked… it looks simple and it is… some boiled pasta… some tomatoes… some capsicums… some spices (salt, pepper, oregano), garlic… shake shake shake… and voila it is done. I tried it today… unfortunately this brand of oregano does not taste good… I cheated and added tomato ketchup.
I just finished reading the book ‘Why we buy’ by Paco Underhill… the Kotler of retail. The book is simply written minus any fundas (the best part about it). I should not compare him to Kotler… he is too practical for that. The book was lent by my ex-boss a year back. Yes, it took me a year to pick it up because I am not so fond of non-fiction MBA books… but this one is damn good. I will buy the other books by this guy.
Tried Maggi pasta??? It sucks. Readymade pasta is a dead category… you cannot just add Indian spices to pasta… Chinese can be Indianized but not pasta.
The big hypermarket near my house is closing down… I think it is not making profits despite high footfalls which is quite a bummer. I might have to go to Star Bazaar in Thane to shop… I don’t like crowded supermarkets like DMart and Food Bazaar even though they are cheaper and closer. Thankfully… Hypercity is opening in Thane in January… but I cannot shop for groceries in a jiffy now… 🙁

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