Khana + Jogging = tolerable day

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Dear Diary,

I tried cooking dal fry and brown rice. The dal was not bad… brown rice sucked. I have read how it is healthy and stuff. Why didn’t anyone mention that it tastes bad and is difficult to cook? I made the mistake of buying short grained rice instead of the long grained one. Sigh!!! I will have to finish it by eating it often.
I was watching ‘Ugly Betty’.. love the soap. It is soooooooooo much better than ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi’ (JJKN was inspired by UG). The best part about it is Betty is friends with Daniel… just friends… there is no chemistry and crush… unlike that in JJKN… where Jassi liked Arman. I wish Indians would copy the sensible parts from West also.
I am ashamed to admit this… but my yoga/jogging schedule had gone for a toss this month. Apart from being lazy I was also busy. Mornings are rushed… I have to choose between reading the paper or doing yoga. The newspaper has been winning. Evenings, I come late and am exhausted. Why don’t cooking and driving count as exercises? Today I squeezed some time for a jog and it felt good.

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  1. I had same experience with brown rice. Had to throw away the stuff after a couple of trials. I later found that it tastes better with Chinese stuff. Also with Barito style Mexican stuff.

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