Karva Chauth- the most male chauvinist festival

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I am not anti festivals (even though it may seem like that). I love Holi, Diwali, Uttrayan (don’t know how to fly kites though), Navratri (loved wearing navel baring chaniya cholis in college… Did not play garba but). My mom goes out of her way to celebrate festivals. She grew up in a joint family and missed that once she got married and was part of a nuclear family.
Over the years, it all seems like a waste of time and money. Nobody remembers the significance of a festival. It is all about the sho sha. Like Diwali is about crackers, gifts, new clothes, card games etc. KC keeps saying ‘I will buy new clothes for Diwali’. Why? Why not this weekend? As a child, I bought 1 new dress in a year during Diwali. That was it. Now I shop every month.
I celebrate Rakshabandhan religiously. It has been hammered into me by my mom. I try and meet my bro every year on this day. If I cannot, the Rakhi always reaches. The original intent – of bro protecting his sister is not relevant anymore. But the sho sha lives on.
But the whole Karva Chauth thing got my goat yesterday. I mean, women fasting all day for their husband’s long life? How regressive is that? Now, we all know that’s not why women do it. It is for dressing up, socializing and getting gifts. Which is fine. But, plz admit it. Lets not pretend otherwise.
Why does it affect me? ‘Coz I am in Gurgaon and for some reason expected to fast by raah chalta people. Should I fast just ‘coz I am a woman?
One of my colleagues was fasting yesterday. I told her how difficult it must be ‘coz she spent all day at work.
‘Well, my mom in law wanted me to… So I have to do it’.
Women- stop being the enemy of other women. We should instead band together against all regressive practices against women. Why not have a karva chauth where even the husband fasts and both exchange gifts.

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