Karva Chooth series

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I am going to write a sarcastic post everyday till Karva Chooth. They will be part of the Karva Chooth series and even though I may type them out all at one go, I will post one per day so I can get you to come to my blog everyday.

Someone asked me today “How does it impact you?”. Well, it impacts all women. Instead of moving towards a world driven by logic, we keep on holding on to archaic traditions which have no relevance. If your only defence is “live and let live”, you really need to go back and think over WHY you are doing it.

Also, if gifts from the husband are not your objective, turn them down. Ask that husband to not gift you anything.

This is my effort to stop shit like Karva Chooth which isn’t very different from being discriminated against when you are menstruating.

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