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One of the most useful gifts from KC is a pouch where I can put my Ipod and strap it on my arm during jogging. I remember putting the phone in my pocket while jogging in Gurgaon to listen to music. I was always afraid it would fall out.

Of course… the Ipod from my sis has been the MOST useful gift.
Anyway… when I return home from the gym I am still listening to music and the sing along begins in the lift itself. There is something naughty about doing IT in the lift… I mean singing and nothing else… or maybe I do mean something else too.
The best part is karaoking at home. I bray at the top of my voice… and the music is so loud I cannot hear myself… which is good ‘coz I am a HORRIBLE singer. You will never hear me hum aloud.
In TAPMI the Music com organized an event for bathroom singers. The senie organizer was a friend- APC and he forced me to go on stage. I was unprepared and can never remember lyrics. I had 2 false starts where I burst laughing on stage itself… Me and SING??? In front of an audience?? Really? I finally managed to sing 1-2 stanzas of ‘Chura liya hain tumne”… n then ‘Words’ which was my fav teenage love song. I was crazy about Ronan Keating… now I wonder why.
The audience didn’t let me forget the incident for a month.
I don’t understand music… don’t like to complicate it. But there is one album which never fails to amaze me… Dev D (I know.. I know… I have raved enough about it… but hear/read me out). You have to close your eyes and listen to ‘Ek Hulchul Si’ or ‘Pardesi’. I wonder how the musician composed it… how did he blend so many melodies and sounds to make this? I don’t think any other Bollywood music comes close to this. It is the most complicated melody I have heard… and thats why I can watch the movie over and over and over again. I can picture Abhay Deol or Kalki or Mahi Gill while listening. The dance troupe- Twilight players in Pardesi are out of this world. They should have won the best choreography award and not that stupid person for ‘Twist’. People have such bad taste.

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  1. Finally ur usin da gift after 10 years…

    I like Apni toh jaise taise song… like u like Dev d !


    @ K.C

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