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Before the madness begins.

I am alone in the new house in Gurgaon. KC has gone to work for a few hours… The movers and packers are already here unloading their stuff.
Right now are the only few alone, peaceful minutes I have and I want to savour them.
I am finally here… The day I have been dreaming of for months… And it feels good… Pretty damn good.
There is also the fear… Of what awaits me… I hope this is a turning point in life.
There have been moments of doubt when I wondered if quitting was the right decision. Why not stay on and leverage the goodwill created over the 4 years.
But, every organization comes to a turning point when things will either go up or down. I joined it when it was going up… And now, at this point, I think and believe it will go downhill. I could be wrong but thats my gut feel.
The last one month has been hard…. One month is such a long time for notice. There isnt enough work and I didnt know if I should involve myself in new projects and discussions. I just hope I have given a satisfactory handover and there will not be any gaps.
The goodbyes were fun… For my farewell (incidentally, another colleague quit 5 days before me… It was a double whammy) we went for an elaborate 3 hours lunch to Spaghetti Kitchen. My colleagues gifted an awesome Zara purse. 2 days later I met my mentor and favorite boss for drinks. He gifted me an amazing Elizabeth Arden perfume. I was touched. On the last night I met 2 colleagues for dinner and drinks. We spent 5 hours chatting… The longest session for me. On the last day, we all ordered chicken biryani from Byculla. It comes in a large aluminium container and is sold by kg. 2 kgs is more than sufficient for 12 people. It is very, very tasty. If you are in Mumbai, do try it.

The madness haa begun. Adios. See ya.

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