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Last Saturday I was exhausted. I returned from work, finished off the chores and put on Carnage. When I read about the movie, it didn’t sound too exciting. Since KC was not home I decided to watch it. For some reason, I can never watch a flick with KC around. I always fall asleep. I tell him its ‘coz his shoulder is so comfy. He is not buying that excuse. Anyway, Carnage stars Kate Winslet, Christopher Waltz (The Inglorious Basterds fame), Jodie Foster and John Reilly (Chicago fame). The story is about the 2 couples (Kate and Christopher and Jodie and John). Their kids fight and one hits the other with a stick. The couples meet to resolve the issue. Initially, they are civil to each other but later shit hits the fan. All of them fight among themselves- first the women, then the men, then the women on one side and men on the other and then the couples fight among themselves. It is a black comedy and hilarious.

After the movie, I fell into a deep, deep sleep… so deep I didn’t even hear the doorbell or my phone ring.

This weekend (the one that just went by), I took KC to Culture Gully at Kingdom of Dreams. I knew it is his kind of place. I have been there earlier when I went to watch the show ‘Jhumroo’. CG is somewhat like Delhi Haat where you have food stalls from different states. The entry is Rs 750 per head (no kidding) and Rs 650 out of that can be spent. There is no dish that costs more than 300 bucks so spending Rs 650 is not easy. After KC and I had our fill (Hyderabad Chicken Biryani for me and Sabudana vada and Pav Bhaji for KC), we were still left with Rs 700-800 to spend. There are a few handicraft shops and we checked those out. No luck. I found everything too expensive. Finally, I picked up a CD and stole. It is such a clever way to make people spend money. Gurgaon is all about spending money. Is it worth it? Yes… as a once a month outing, it is. 

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  1. i started off my dieting thingie today…all thanks to ppl telling me how fat i have gone after my weddding and one my friends hubby clicked a group pic and posted it on FB …since then i have been getting worse comments…i untagged myself from the picture….i hate this whole thing of weight loss coz iam an avid food lover..
    I started off going to the gym near my house from today..and came back to read the blog posts and read your new blog…and so glad to see you inspired…ive started my diet and workout from today and i hope i sustain till i loose 10 kgs…. any suggestions…iam scared of loosing my motivation in this process…

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