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Hiya. I thought I would drop and say “Hi”. Life is a little busy. I have a new mission… a new goal in life. But, its too early to talk about it. Wait for 2 more weeks.
It rained quite heavily in Gurgaon last week. On the day that the MET department forecasted no more rains, it started raining. No kidding. It rained very heavily and took the roads along with it. There were huge craters on the road filled with water. On day 1, KC asked me to drive on the right since it seemed like the water was deep on the left. Our new car still hit the bottom. The next day, he asked me to drive on the left. We still the bottom. On the 3rd day, he went to Noida while I took another road which bypasses his office and reaches mine through a straight road. I crossed the major traffic point comfortably, or so it seemed. After that, I got stuck… so badly stuck… I reached office 2 hours later. Everyone from Gurgaon turned up at 11 am for work. It was quite embarrassing. The Delhi guys arrive on time while we Gurgaon people are 2 hours late.
Somehow, I am don’t like the overcast skies here… I loved rains in A’bad but out here it just feels out of place. This land is supposed to be either super duper hot or cold. It does not deserve a moderate weather.

I relaxed after work on Saturday. I was quite exhausted and did not want to go out. I finished all the chores and dozed off. Even the doorbell could not rouse meom my slumber.

Last week there was no gas cylinder. The microwave did act funny… some buttons would not work at their will. Quite frustrating. I called the repair guy on Sunday. Guess what, the microwave worked perfectly in front of him. He kept asking me if I got a demo when it was purchased since I kept pressing buttons like a mad woman trying to prove my point. Finally, I had to pay him service charges for nothing. Damn appliances.

Ciao. I am off to bed. 

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