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Hey people. I am sorry I haven’t posted in quite sometime. There has been lots going on and maybe not enough.

– I hate weekends when KC has to work. Am sure he hates it more than me but it’s torture. Specially, if the work is unplanned and so I haven’t made alternate plans

– Attended ‘The Roast of Suhel Seth’ on Sunday. Everyone knows what a roast is now so I won’t explain it. Format was same as the AIB roast except the jokes were more witty, more funny and less abusive. The roastmaster was Vir Das and roasters were Aditi Mittal, Amit Tandon, Anu Menon, Neeti Palta, Jeevshu Ahluwali, Karan Talwar, Varun Thakur and Suresh Menon. I loved it. Enjoyed every minute of it. And yes, it was much, much better than the AIB roast. AIB roast seems juvenile and amateurish compared to this. Vir Das is one of the best stand up comedians in the country today

– I am in Kolkata today and tomorrow. I had my fill of chicken biryani and puchkas. The evening was great fun hanging out on the street with a colleague. Chai. Sutta. Office gossip. Pleasant weather. Footpath. Puchkas. Short bike ride. Awesome. I am warming up to Kolkata and like it a little more with every visit. I will be coming here every month. Just wish I had more friends here

– Kolkata makes me miss A’bad so much. I saw a bunch of youngsters hanging out on the streets and it reminded me of C.G road. That is where everyone meets up after 9 pm, parks their 2 wheelers and stands around gossiping

– My colleague told me how girls smoking in Kolkata is not a novelty. That’s what all Bengalis too. Cool che

– I am so tired of all the election propaganda going on. Hard to escape it on twitter. Just want the elections to end. Everyday is a new story in AAP Vs BJP fight

– The other day I managed to wake up at 6 am and go for a run on the treadmill in the gym. This has been an achievement in recent times because I have been trying to do this for a month. ‘Trying’ means I put the alarm and switch it off every morning at 6 am. It was the effect of the movie ‘The Theory of Everything’. I remember thinking if a guy can be the smartest man on the planet even when he cannot walk or talk, I cannot wake up at 6 am and head to the gym? And so I did. Hopefully, I keep this up throughout

Ciao people. Need to sleep and run on the treadmill at the hotel gym tomorrow morning.

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