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Hello. I have been on the verge of shutting down this blog and maybe starting a new one. But that is a hell lot of work and my chilled out break is over. All that time was spent between the gym, Netflix/Prime, books and coffee shops. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. It is a period of my life I will remember forever and ever.

There is so much to do, so many logistics to manage. I oscillate between confidence that another move will be managed with a flick of my wand and the fear of all the logistics that need to be managed. One day at a time. One challenge at a time. And yet, the big picture is so important. So, need to chalk out time for making objectives, painting the big picture, making a 30-60-90 days plan. This last point was great advice by someone I reported to.

This movement is as comfortable as it can ever get. I will never have such winning cards in my hand ever again. I always complain that am the unluckiest person in the world but took time to recognise it when good luck came my way. Human beings are so fickle. Do we have any standards at all? Any loyalties? Limitations? Boundaries? Or do we cave into every temptation and jump into every pitfall face forward?

While am looking forward to living like a bachelor (for the next few months), the lonely, insomniac nights aren’t going to be a lot of fun. Hello, late nights at the gym and long runs on the weekend. The first step is to find a good gym house and then everything will slowly fall into place.

Ciao. You will see more of me on this blog because I can write only when am alone.

Stay for a bit and help me get through this.

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