Just an update to the previous post on fundraising

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  • You need to be an Indian citizen to donate money. Basically, you should have an Indian passport even if you are residing abroad.
  • Your contribution is exempt from Income tax under 80G. You can give details of this donation when you give tax proof to your company in March or when you file your returns
  • Incase you want to donate in dollars or any other currency, please use this link. I have also placed it on the sidebar of the blog for convenience. Please ensure you write your name so when MSF intimates me about the donation, I can contact you. A scanned copy of your passport needs to be shared with me and I will send it to MSF. Tedious, I know. But just a bit of red tape we have to deal with in India.
  • Please, please, please do write your name and email address so I can personally thank you for the donation. I received an anonymous donation last night and well, I wish I knew who did the boni (first sale).
  • From today till the time I raise 50k, I will be posting about the good work MSF is doing in India and abroad on facebook. You can add me on fb. I am open to people I don’t know on my friends list since I put them on the “restricted list” where they get to see what I want them to see. Sorry, but privacy is of paramount importance to me. *Ignores her life on instagram/twitter/this blog*


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