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I am not being arrogant. These are more for myself than anyone else.

– I am leaving on Friday. Thankfully, it is only a 7 hours flight and the time difference is 3 hours so jet lag shouldn’t be a problem. Waise, I wasn’t jet lagged when I travelled to the USA so don’t think this is an issue.

– I will try and blog everyday because that is the best way to do a travel post. We should have access to wifi everywhere and I have asked KC to carry the stupid Ipad (hate all Apple devices except Ipod and Ipod touch). For once, the complicated device can be useful. But do forgive me if blogging is not a top priority and is actually right at the bottom of the list. But I promise to try.

– My b’day is in a few days and I have hidden the date on facebook. My friends, who like me, depend on facebook to remember birthdates will have to forgive me. I hate the spam. I hate having to thank people for wishing me because it is hard to ignore the b’day update on fb. The fuckers now even have a cake with candle next to the person on chat. There is no way to ignore a b’day and I hate people making me hate myself for not wishing them. You have to be a terrible person not to make that little effort and wish someone, right? If you really want to know, contact me on WhatsApp and if we are not connected on WhatsApp, don’t bother.

*This does not apply to someone who asked me for the date on twitter*

– My Gurgaon number will be on roaming but I will turn data services off. Vodafone is a chuth organization. They made me pay 5k deposit for international roaming but refuse to refund the money when I deactivate the services. After some smart questioning which went like this:

Me – If you are making me pay deposit for international roaming, you should return the money when I deactivate the service

Executive – It will be adjusted against your bill

Me – My bill is 1300 bucks per month. You have taken 4.5 months money in advance.

Executive – The money will be safe with us

Me – Actually, the money will be safest with me… and safer in the bank where I will get interest. You are not even on that list.

Executive – Generally, people have a bill of 5-10k on international roaming so I don’t think it will be an issue

Me – Hypothetically, if I don’t receive or make calls on the number and the bill is the usual 1300 bucks. Then?

Finally, she called the manager who gave me a 1% chance of the money getting refunded in 60 days. Being a Sindhi and a Gemini, I will manage to get my money back in that 1% chance. I am that good at bargaining.

Anyway, I will buy a tourist sim in Italy for below reasons:

  • To contact the hosts where we will be staying
  • To contact KC incase we get separated (though I don’t know how that would happen)
  • Incase the company is going to fall apart and only I can save it and my boss needs to get in touch.

Also, WhatsApp on Gurgaon number will be on only on wifi. I will be available on facebook messenger and email though on the Italy sim.

– I have taken a break after the half marathon because I wasn’t too well. But this week the workouts are full on. I might do a last update on the BMA on Thursday. Once am back, I will start again. Hopefully, not all over again.

– I have sooooo much left to do:

  • All my outfits have been planned, ironed and kept in the bag. I was supposed to pack tonight but am exhausted after the core class and yoga. Also, not very happy because I thought it is Chandan’s core class and it was some other instructor. I planned my day around the class.
  • Book tickets for Colosseum and Vatican. Needs to be done tonight. I will pay extra to avoid the long queues
  • 15 minutes at the salon
  • Paint nails. Very important. The colour is nude. Don’t kill me for my planning skills. Applaud me instead.
  • Buy a diary because I want all the notes in one place.
  • Go to Nokia Care because the phone is giving me trouble. Perfect timing, I tell you.
  • Make notes on Milan, Naples and Venice. I have done this only for Rome till now
  • Convert Mad Men season 6 and 7 videos to ipad/ipod format. This will be done on Thursday. I may even leave the laptop on all night
  • TRX class on Friday. There are 4 TRX classes every month and it breaks my heart to miss even one. I rarely miss it. The flight is on Friday afternoon which means I can attend the morning class. This way I will miss only 2 classes this month instead of 3.
  • Charge all the portable chargers
  • Charge the Ipad and Ipod touch
  • Charge everything I come across

Adios people. I am super excited but nervous too. This is the first trip we are taking together abroad and we (I use “we” very loosely here) have made all the bookings ourselves. Something is bound to go wrong but that’s ok. You live and learn. I plan to make up for the pizzas I have avoided eating till date and in the future in these 10 days. Hopefully, all the walking should help burn it off. If it doesn’t, I will just come back and start all over again.



2 thoughts on “Just a few annoucements

  1. Hey bulbul, Have a safe trip and an awesome vacation. Italy is beautiful and you sure wont be disappointed. Just some tips which we followed and which helped us.

    Just be a little careful in Rome( in the public transport mainly) , everybody says that there are pick pocketer everywhere in rome. Though we came back all safe without loosing any money or any other thing , We didn’t have any bad experience .
    But we met an american family in Vatican who told that there gold bracelet and wallet got stolen and the police was not at all helpful. So just be careful.

    Yes it is a very good idea to pay etc and avoid the queues. we did that and saved so much time .

    Try to reach colosseum and Vatican early . We reached both the places around 8 AM , The crowd there is maddening if you are not reaching early .

    Have a fun filled vacation . 🙂

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