Julie and Julia

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Wow…. what a fab movie. I picked up the DVD… it was at 50% in Crossword. I won’t tell you the story… just go watch it… without expectations.
Ok… ok… I will let out some part of the story… you can always google it.
Julia is a woman of the 70s who shifted to Paris with her hubby. She was bored and learned to cook French cuisine. And then with a friend published a book on french cooking for American housewives. It had to be dumbed down a bit. The book was an instant hit… she was even on a cooking show on TV.
In another world and time Julie is a government employee but a good cook. She decides to cook ALL the recipes (524) in Julia’s book and blog about it in 365 days. There are ups and downs… and ends with her writing a book after the year is over.
A damn good movie… Meryl Streep voice and accent is so French (I am obviously not a good judge of it… but it sounds genuine). She is an amazing actress… and the only one in her age bracket and even among younger ones starring in fantastic roles.
Its strange… Bollywood actors cannot even fake American accents even in Hollywood (Ash in Pink Panther)… anyone remember Abhishek in Delhi 6?

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