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*All incidents and characters below are based on a real life incident that happened today morning*

Mind – Body, wake up. Wake up. It is 5.30 am and we have to go for a recovery run.

Body (screaming)- Fuck off!!! Leave me alone. I am not leaving this bed. You don’t even care about how much am hurting. My left shoulder hurts, my calves feel stiff, glutes are almost dead and you haven’t even bothered to foam roll. You keep pushing me further and further every week and we are not even halfway there. I am NOT running today.

Mind – Ok, ok, calm down. *googles about recovery runs*. Read this, and this, and this. They all say how important recovery runs are… as important as the long run. Let us atleast try it.

Mind – *reads all the articles*. Fine. I will accompany you for 2 km… only.

Body – Done. I am not unreasonable. We did stop at 19 km yesterday instead of completing 22 km. IF you ask me to stop after 2 km, we will.

Nope. We didn’t stop. We finished 5 km and now am officially dead. Ok, ok, am exaggerating.

Training for the half marathon was lots of fun. My body was filled with energy and it looked forward to pushing itself. I never really understood what people meant by “mind over body” and “mental toughness” in marathons. I had to get my mind to shut up and let the body do it’s thing.

Now I know what it means.  The full marathon is so much tougher. Every week I push my body a little further- sometimes it complies and other times it relents.

I couldn’t imagine running a day after a long run. First, I added a long run on Saturday just before the epic Sunday long run and now I have added a short run on Monday as well. The Monday run is so much harder. My body is exhausted after the 31 km over the weekend run with a gap of only 12 hours between them. I am never doing that again. There shall be atleast 24 hours between the Saturday and Sunday runs. My body looks forward to sleeping late and lazing around on Monday mornings because it deserves the rest. According to the original plan, I was supposed to run 10 km today but am not there yet. It will happen but not this month.

More on that later. I will write a post on the training for the full marathon in the next post. Ciao.

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  1. Your post just pushed me and my butt and my legs to go for a 20 min walk ! Very low on reception of motivation cues – should I put it in my CV, I wonder??

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