Journey to the Full Marathon

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Anyone can run a half marathon and I do mean ANYONE. Sometimes with very little training too.

But the full marathon is a whole different ball game altogether. It is a distance of 42 km… run over a period of 3-7 hours, depending on your pace. Most runners get to a decent time (less than 2 hours) before they target the full marathon. I don’t have that kind of patience.

This is the month that training for the full marathon begins for me. The search for training plans, running partners, mentor, guidance has begun. I have been a lone runner till now… I prefer it that way. But the full marathon needs support. I know of runners who get someone to run with them during the last 6 km. Apparently, after 36 km, it is your mental toughness that carries you to the finish line.

At this moment… I cannot even imagine running for more than 3 hours. The fear of failure or not reaching the finish line is very real. Also, am not sure how the logistics will work out. Where do I train for running 42 km? My house to Lodhi gardens is some 15 km away. Imagine, running till Lodhi gardens and back for a distance of 30 km. Where do I get the other 12 km?

But…. hopefully, these questions will get sorted in time. For now, my goal is not to reach the finish line of a full marathon.

My goal is to figure out how far I can push my body and mind.

  • I will either be able to push myself till the finish line OR
  • I will realize my body’s limitations and respect it

Whether I finish the full marathon or not is immaterial and not really the point. The journey is what matters and makes who I become… not the destination.

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