Journey to Full Marathon on hold

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I was supposed to run the full marathon at one of these events:

  • Millennium city marathon on 1st November in Gurgaon OR
  • Running and Living marathon in December OR
  • Adidas Marathon in February

I have only 1 long run of 32 km on a Saturday and 17 km run on Sunday before am ready to run 42.2 km. I am almost ready for running the full at MCM. What bothers me is that MCM has not yet declared their route. Worse, they haven’t decided it yet. According to the rumour mills, runners have also not registered for the event because they are not confident the organizers can pull this one off. The organizers are elite runners in Gurgaon. I don’t want to run my first full in an event where

  • The roads maybe bad. From what I know, the route maybe around Sohna road which is not a good route at all. In fact, Gurgaon does not have great roads. Atleast, nothing like Delhi
  • Security will be an issue. I went to Devil’s circuit on the outskirts of Ghaziabad and their lax security pissed me off so much that am never going for this event again. All organized runs in Delhi have good security but Gurgaon is Haryana where cops are rarely visible

If am going to run 5-6 hours, I want the event to be superbly managed which MCM does not seem to be. Their promo runs are running into issues right now. So, running at MCM is out.

The Running and Living has 4 loops of 10 km each which is the most boring thing I have heard. So, that is out too.

I am left with the Adidas February run which will be in Delhi and hopefully, well managed.


  • I have spent the last 3 months training my ass off for the full marathon with the intention of getting over with it in November before all the important half marathons start. I am not sure I can keep training for another 3 months. I don’t have that kind of will power. I am human, after all.
  • I find running in winters more difficult than in summers. Atleast in summers you can wake up earlier, what do you do in NCR winters?
  • Running for more than 3 hours is boring. It is. Right now, I find the distance of 21 km and 3 hours much more fun. It does not require too much logistical and route planning.
  • Running such long distances is burning my muscles and will have long term repercussions. I can do it for 2-3 months but 6 months? *gulp*
  • I have woken up early most weekends in these 3 months- sometimes even at 4 am for my long runs. I have come back tired and sleepy but still gone ahead with our weekend plans of dinner/movies/plays etc. I have been tired all week and yet gone to the gym to strength train. I have foam rolled… done yoga… slept by 10 pm… and rarely had a morning free. I have de-prioritized reading, watching shows and movies. I cannot do it for another 3 months. I just cannot.

So, this close to the end of the training, am putting it on hold. I will decide in December/January whether I want to run the full marathon and start training for it or not.

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