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I have avoided going to Kingdom of Dreams for 2 reasons:

  • Bad reviews online
  • Expensive. Ticket prices begin at Rs 1000 on weekends
Jhumroo is a new show… Zangroo is the other one. My instructors at Danceworx are performing in Jhumroo and have been urging us to watch it. KC was not too interested and since he is not home this weekend, I asked a friend (from engineering college and also in Danceworx) to accompany me. We booked the cheapest tickets and R- the friend brought his friend along. This lady is also from the engineering college and had come to Gurgaon for a day… what a coincidence.
The lead actors are Gaurav Gera (Jassi’s friend in Jassi jaisi koi nahin) and Shweta Gulati (Tia from Remix). I like both of them. The show is a musical with Kishore Kumar songs. The story line is similar to Padosan but in a modern setting. Bhola (Gaurav) cannot sing but thinks he can… he is very naive and most people tend to walk all over him. He is trying to woo Mina (Shweta) who is a fan of India’s Super Singer show. One fine day, Kishore Kumar’s soul enters his body and he starts singing. He participates in the contest, wins Mina’s hand… till the truth comes out and he is screwed.
Damn good…. the songs are amazing… the lighting is out of this world…. the whole setting and arrangement is too good. It almost feels like Broadway (have not been there but thats how I imagine it would be). The show is 2.5 hours long and worth every penny spent. In fact, next time I will spend more and get better seats.
The best were my instructors- Stan and Naren. Stan was the previous instructor who stopped taking Sunday classes for Jhumroo. I found the classes extremely difficult… he is a ball of energy… and really pushed us beyond our limits. I joined Naren’s classes in May and then had to switch to the workshop which is taught by Anson. All the instructors are experts at Jazz which involves a lot of technique. Imagine ballet and then imagine a funky form of ballet, thats Jazz. Pointed feet…. straight hands… straight legs… Jazz walk… turned out… parallel feet… shimmie… pirouette… everything has to be thrown out of the window for a Bollywood dance… and even then these guys are amazing. They have so much energy and fun. I could not take my eyes off them.
Whenever we watch shows… we only focus on the main leads… I have started noticing the people performing behind them ‘coz for me they are the heroes.
Worth a watch. Please come to Gurgaon only to witness these shows.
After the show we went to Culture Gully for dinner. The ceiling is lit like a sky and it feels like it is day. Beautiful. There are shops with cuisines from all over the country- Assam, Rajasthan, Kerala, Maharashtra etc. I had Pau Bhaji and it actually tasted good. Not pricey at all. The PB cost me 130 bucks which is like nothing in Gurgaon.
It was a fun night.

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