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I had been reading some blogs regarding NOKJ and people had some concerns about the movie. I liked the movie and felt it was fair to the actual events.

  • There is a perception that Sabrina Lall was a brave, spirited woman and Vidya’s character was not fair to that image. Here is what she said to Tehelka in her interview: “the moment Manu Sharma got bail in 2002 January I stopped going to the court. I told my father I m sorry I am not up to it anymore; I am fed up. I grieved with my father.” And her emotions after the judgement when Manu Sharma was acquitted “like in most of the situations one could presume somewhere in the back of your mind you can feel things are not in the right direction….but it still hits you. its hard because it puts a closure on something you were waiting for a longtime. Somehow you get above it. That’s it. There is no where else to go, then on. This is the end. Due to all the problems in my family, in my own personal life, it was terrible, you feel let down,…it was not like bolt of the blue…one was expecting it.” I think the movie was true to all these emotions
  • Vidya is looking quite dowdy compared to Jessica. If you look at Sabrina pics anywhere she is nowhere close to her sister. I also liked that Vidya was de-glam in the true sense… without make up in maximum scenes. They have even shown the open pores on her face.
  • NOKJ had NDTV instead of Tehelka. It is a movie… NDTV is known by common man. How many know about Tehelka? Due credit was given to it in the end. It is just a movie… not a documentary


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