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Hiya… after 3 months of Jazz, the instructor finally noticed and appreciated me today. I am on a high.

I still remember joining the classes 3 years back. I used to have Sat and Sundays off… without a car then, NCR was a boring boring place. I decided to join the Sunday batch to kill time. I cannot dance, ‘coz of which I am not too fond of it either. The objective was never to learn dance… but maybe to lose some weight. I would go through the motions, try to match the steps and just get through the class. After 2 months I moved out of NCR.
This time I decided to join the classes to lose weight… and learn something in the process. The first month was not too great… I was shy… and conscious. By the end of it, I learned something… I could remember the steps and perform them. It made me very happy. In the 2nd month, I was quite confident that I would be better than the newcomers. Unfortunately, dance is about talent and hard work. When others are more talented, I need to work harder to get better than them. Since I was not competing, this did not make me feel good. The 3rd month was the best… I could now remember the steps, pick them up quite fast… and perform them. I renewed the membership.
After more than 3 months, the instructor praised me on my energy and performance today. It was great… I can feel I am better and someone else noticing it is the best feeling…
Few things I have done to improve: (No.. I did not practice at home.. not once… too lazy)
  • I downloaded the songs that are played in class and listen them over and over and over again. I started to like them and just listening to them again in class made me get into rhythm. This really helped. 2 of those songs are now my ringtone.
  • I realized that listening to the song over and over again can make me like it. For example, we have song for the month on which dance steps are choreographed. I did not like this month’s song when I first heard it… but now I really like it.
  • I reach class early and revise the steps. I cannot remember the steps once I come home. I doubt I will be able to perform them once class is over. So, I reach early and revise with the other students. This helps perform better in class.
  • Clothes: NCR beats Mumbai’s ass when it comes to fashion. The girls in my class dress so well… those who have the figure, do flaunt it in their tiny shorts and spaghetti tops. It is important to be able to see how your body is moving. After weeks of wearing either loose tops/bottoms to hide my body, today I went with hips hugging tracks (I bought them 3 years back specifically for the class) and a tight top. I was surprised to see myself perform the steps correctly… something, I didn’t realize earlier. But, good clothes can bring a lot of confidence
  • Confidence: The class has mirrors placed in front. We are all encouraged to look at ourselves while dancing. Now, that is damn difficult ‘coz all newcomers do not like how awkward they look in the beginning. Also, dance means being absolutely comfy and proud of your body… ‘coz you have to flaunt it… I am not. We were made to do exercises where we looked at the mirror and proclaimed our love. No kidding. Funny… but it worked. I try and position myself so that I can see myself in the mirror.
I have joined the gym as well… for 2 reasons:
  • I have gotten into the habit of waking up at 6 am… and now I can hit the gym in the mornings… to lose weight and tone up. I tried jogging/walking… which is fine… but it does not tone up the body
  • I have bought a lot of workout clothes recently… and 2 days in a week is not enough to wear them. Ok, this one is a big motivation for me. Call me fickle… but whatever works for me.
On a totally unrelated note… below are soaps I am completely addicted to these days:
  • Gossip Girl: The series is about 4 friends from Manhattan… rich, popular and screwed up… Serena, Nate, Chuck and Blair. There is Ted somewhere in the equation. They are rich, spoilt brats but stick together against outsiders. I hate that I can only watch 1 episode per week now.
  • How I met your mother: This needs no introduction. Of course, it has started dragging now… the whole Barney, Ted and Robin triangle is sooo old season and boring. Also, high time we got to meet the mother.
  • 90210: Another series about rich, spoilt teenagers… this time in California.
  • Vampire Diaries: Love it… every episode has twists which are unpredictable…
  • True Blood: I just started watching it… its about vampires but is gross and scary… and slow. But I have read great reviews. Right now, I am hooked.
Today was a perfect day… love mid week holidays… looking forward to the long break of Diwali:
  • 7.45- 8.45 am : Gym
  • 10: 30 am: B’fast
  • 12. 30 pm: Lunch
  • 1-3 pm: Nap
  • 3 pm: Bath
  • 4-6 pm: Search for the perfect couch in budget
  • 7- 8.15 pm: Jazz
Good night…

2 thoughts on “Jazz… Gym… Vampires

  1. That was my routine work- gym/spin ( weekdays) and dance on weekends two years ago.
    Being a mum changed all that. I see my body going downhill but definitely I would love to look at the brighter side of things – my daughter ( I SEE Her growing up in front of my eyes), teaching myself to bake and cook, writing and blogging.
    Every phase at it’s own charm but exercise should fit every phase. Currently am not able to do it. My fault entirely.
    I read your post twice to relive my old schedule.

  2. Wow… I guess, its been doing something… anything. And well, exercise… last time I gave up after 2 months. Its always a battle and I keep going off. Am sure you will get on track with it.

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