Its goodbye

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Yes… I am moving to Mumbai… No, KC is not moving right now… No, we are not separating… Yes, I am not wearing my wedding ring these days ‘coz the diamond came off… No, I am not lying… Yes, it was my decision.
Most people around me cannot fathom why I am moving… actually, not one person has told me I am making the right decision (except for a senior). But thats ok. I am the queen of radical and unpredictable decisions.
But, let me start at the beginning. When I moved to Gurgaon I was given the same profile that I had been doing for 2 years in Mumbai. I was not too keen but beggars cannot be choosers and I cannot demand location and profile. The last 1.5 years have been extremely comfortable. I have had time to do everything I have always wanted to do- dance, gym, jog, cook, spend time with KC, socialize, eat out, watch movies… everything. Except… I have been bored… so bored that its visible on my face. I am not the sort of person who can just sit still or do the same thing. Thats just not me. And success in my career is quite important. KC has been pushing me for a year to take up opportunities but I kept putting it off. Why leave the comfort zone? But some events pushed me to think about getting out of the comfort zone:

  1. Some juniors from my college are at my level now… I didn’t want to wait till they had moved levels above me
  2. I have crossed more than 3 years in the same profile… I don’t want to be here at the end of the 4th year… 
  3. My plan was to stay in this level for 2 years… I have been here for 3.5 years…  my career is running 1.5 years late… cannot delay it anymore
I looked for opportunities in Delhi but realized soon that nothing is available here and it will have to be Mumbai. I spoke to seniors in the hope that something would work out in 2-3 months. Fortunately or unfortunately, it worked out in a week. I got a call on 14th Sept’12 asking me to report to Mumbai on 15th Oct’12. KC and I had just entered our hotel room in Jaipur when I got the call. Both of us were in a shock and I was shocked that he is shocked. For someone who has been pushing me to do this for a year he should have been better prepared. It took him an hour to recover and mutter congrats. 
Lesson for KC: Don’t ask what you are not prepared to receive.
In my current organization the focus is more on family than career so many consider it a drastic step. You see, its ok for men to leave their spouses and kids and move away for career but its not ok for a woman. No… not kidding. Its so ridiculous… and unfair. Nobody would have blinked if KC would have decided to move out for a better opportunity. Numerous times KC talks about going abroad for further studies… all I do is encourage. I never think about how I will survive ‘coz our marriage should not hold us back from living our lives. The marriage should support our individual lives… Marriage is supposed to be a journey and not a destination. 
Anyway, I am not the sort of person who cares about society. My life is led by my rules and nobody else’s. 
But it sucks… being a woman sucks big time… specially in the corporate world.
While talking to a friend I realized that the maximum time I have spent in one location or school or hostel has been 4 years of engineering. I switched schools too many times… I spent 8 years in one school but left it 3 times. I was in the boarding and could not live without my parents. Even when I was there for 4 straight years I switched hostels. Wow.. that does change my perspective. No wonder I am bored already. By the way, I am a Gemini so this aspect is not surprising. I thrive on change… 
Another thing I have realized- I love Delhi NCR and want to settle here. KC was kidding that when I am leaving I have realized where I want to spend my life in this city. So, I am going to be back… don’t know when… maybe 2 or 5 or 10 years later… but I will be back. Delhi has trumped B’glore as my favorite city. There is a focus on quality of life. People live life king size and thats good. Its nice to see that. 
But…. I will never educate my kids in Delhi.. I may send them off to boarding schools away from the materialistic  and snobbish culture. 
This is what I saw today:
At the cobbler’s shop- kid getting his shoes fixed
Cobbler: Done… take your shoes
Kid: How much?
Cobbler: 20 bucks
Kid: Thats it? Why don’t you take 50 bucks? (I thought he was joking)
Cobbler- Says nothing
Kid pays him 30 bucks. 
The cobbler shakes his head at me and narrates the incident again. 
I almost felt ashamed trying to bargain and pay him less than what he asked. 

6 thoughts on “Its goodbye

  1. Oops did I not say it – in full support of what u r doing!! Only some strong strings cud have kept u in the same place doing the same work – leading me to a confusion of ur basic nature – CHANGE! 😉
    I am sure u would love mumbai as well if KC is also there with you 🙂

  2. Whine whine whine… you really should appreciate that your husband is supporting you. Even if it took an hour for him to get there.

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