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The most complicated relationship a woman has is with her clothes. Every morning she stares a wardrobe full of clothes and cries; “I have nothing to wear”.

To explain this relationship in words is very very difficult for me.
My career actually started in Jan’08 when I moved to Gurgaon in the corporate office of a confectionery major. The dress code was very flexible. We ended up wearing jeans even on weekdays. I didn’t have many formals… didn’t need them. In Oct’09 I moved into sales… upcountry Gujarat… 6 days (3 days per fortnight) were spent in regional office in Mumbai. My work wear was mainly kurta and jeans… I found them most comfy. Office wear was formals for 4 days… 2 days would be Sat. My wardrobe had less than 5 formals; many, many, many kurtas; some casuals, nil party wear… there was no time to party.
Then… I switched jobs. Again… 10-15 days are spent in office and rest on the field. For office I need strict formal wear… skirts are not always comfy since I have to drive. Field wear is also formal wear (no kurta and jeans here) but very comfy since I spend a lot of time walking, driving or just standing around. Then there is a need for casuals- loads of them and some party wear.
It is quite tricky. Every garment has to be measured on comfort, formal/casual/party wear, price, color, fit etc. Imagine making this decision (minus the price) every morning. Torture.
Anyway… Globus has this exchange offer going on… bring old clothes and get Rs 100 voucher on shopping of Rs 1000. The clothes are donated to a NGO. Pretty cool. I ravaged my wardrobe and came up with 19 garments I could give away. Don’t be shocked… I know there are some people who have only 19 clothes. But they were damaged/don’t fit/too old etc. I assumed that against 19 clothes I will get vouchers for 1900 bucks… I can shop for 2k and end up paying only 100 bucks. How stupid of me!!! To use vouchers for 1900 bucks I need to shop for 19k. I started laughing at the sales guy who told me this. I love Globus… their collection is good. The Vashi, Ghatkopar stores are small and sad… but Thane and Bandra ones are good. I shopped and shopped and shopped.
Who says money cannot buy happiness?
There is another problem I face regularly… say, I have worn a dress for a special occasion… many many many pics are clicked and uploaded on facebook. Everyone (ok, many people) have seen them. I cannot wear the same dress again in another photo… and around the people in my friend’s list. This reduces the shelf life of the dress to… umm, one special occasion?

10 thoughts on “Its complicated

  1. @ Lol… Not yet… but someday… when my hubby is super duper rich I will blow up 20k in one day on clothes
    @ Surbhi: Yeah… 😉
    @ Sundeep: 😛
    @ Ginger: Thanks…

  2. 1900 for 19 clothes was asking for too much. If finance sucks, there has to be reason. Ain’t it? Money cannot buy happiness. It can only buy enough contraptions to hide your sorrows from the world. Facilitates portrayal of happiness. Not happiness.

  3. I totally understand….My friends are always speechless when I shop. When I enter the mall…it is like I want everything. Remember ‘The confessions of a Shopaholic’…Even if I think I have enough….every morning is the same old question: What do I wear today?….The answer being: I have nothing to wear….:(
    Conclusion: NEED TO SHOP…this weekend….:)

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